Minecraft 101 for Moms

Minecraft 101 For Moms

Affiliate links present in this post.  This summer my six year started playing Minecraft.  My oldest has been playing it for a while, but he's never needed "help" with it like she does.  He's pretty intuitive and if he has questions he goes to YouTube to find his answers.  We have a collection of Minecraft books that he has to help him (most are pretty advanced resources), but again, that's not something she's ready for yet.  At six, she just wants to know how to play!  My son did attempt to teach me how to play once, but I was left being buried in lava and attacked by zombies (he sabotaged me).  I decided to do a little homework, we'll see who sabotages who now! I was gifted an e-course on Udemy, Minecraft For Dummies video and eBook bundle, and it was incredibly simple to follow. The first few courses walk you through some of the basics of playing Minecraft on your computer, but most of the tutorials apply for the app and game system versions also. Minecraft For Dummies ... [ Read More ]

Surviving Spring Break While Working From Home


As a mom who works from home, holidays and vacations can be challenging.  My husband and I snuck away a few weeks back for a 5 day cruise for our anniversary, so we couldn't afford taking any more time off of work for Spring Break this past week.  This left me with 2 kids home all day for 5 days (if you don't count the weekends) with me having to work. The wonderful thing about working from home is that I do have the flexibility to take work with me anywhere I go.  I also have the flexibility of adjusting the hours that I work.  While I do have a lot of flexibility, the fact remains that I still had work that needed to get done AND two kids who needed my attention.  Here are just a few ways we all survived Spring Break this year: SLEEP IN:  This was one of my favorite parts of Spring Break because each day started a little slower than usual, we slept in and didn't rush to get out the door in the morning.  There was less arguing than usual and less showering on the few days ... [ Read More ]

The NEW Tampa Bay Moms Blog

Tampa Bay Moms Blog Contributor

There's a new local blog in the Bay and I'm one of the lucky contributors! I first heard of the City Mom Blogs from my friend Jenny (conscientiousconfusion) and role with the Dallas Moms Blog.  While we were having lunch on a recent trip to Dallas I found out that they had plans on launching a Tampa Bay Moms Blog (TBMB) here!  I was excited and began to look for more information.  I was immediately connected with the founder, Sheriss, and accepted as a contributor! The TBMB launched on April 29th with a week full of giveaways from local businesses and companies.  The 13 contributors each introduced ourselves and shared more about why Tampa Bay is our home!  What else do we talk about?  Anything local!  Fitness, kids activities, our favorite parks, local businesses we love, and stories about our families.  There will also we local meet ups for moms and families to attend around the Bay. To see some of my recent contributions visit TBMB and be sure to subscribe to our emails and ... [ Read More ]

Go Green, Get Fit Challenge – My Goals

Go Green Get Fit Challenge #gogreengetfit

2012 has been a year about me pushing myself  in areas that I've never been comfortable in before.  In January I visited my doctor for a regular check-up and to get some refills updated when I found out my cholesterol was off-the-charts!  I was in a state of shock because I'm not a very large person, I'm not over weight, and I don't eat too bad.  I know I'm not the healthiest of eaters but I don't indulge in the bad stuff very often.  I was immediately put on medication for the cholesterol adding to my list of daily medications I already take (I have Grave's disease - a thyroid condition, a minor heart condition, asthma, and now this). My family history is not all that exciting either.  My dad has had open heart surgery and a few other heart procedures.  The rest of his family has also struggled with heart conditions.  My mom has Parkinson's Disease (like Michael J Fox) and suffers from a bad case of the shakes most days.  I've gotten so accustomed to health problems that it doesn't ... [ Read More ]

Vote for the Top 25 Eco-Friendly Moms 2012

Between now and June 13th you can vote for your favorite eco-friendly mom bloggers in the Circle of Moms, Top 25 Eco-Friendly Moms.  I was nominated by one of you and feel honored to be in the top 25 today but the competition is fierce.  There are so many well respected eco-friendly moms on the list that even I read each and every day. Here are just a few of my favorites: Groovy Green Livin' The Eco-Friendly Family Dagmar*s momsense Green and Clean Mom Spit that Out Happy Mothering Green Gifts Guide Green Lifestyle Consulting Celebrate Green Mindful Momma The Soft Landing Kelly Wels and so many more!!! There are currently 75 moms on the list and I'm sure more will be added. VOTE NOW!  You can vote for your Top 25 once a day from now until June 13th so give my friends a "Thumbs Up" and while you're at it...give me one too!  Thanks in advance for all the love!! ... [ Read More ]

Eco-Holiday Quick Picks 2010


  Do you have an eco-junkie to buy for this year?   Know someone who doesn't like stuff?   Looking for something non-toxic to get a special child?   Here are my top eco-holiday quick picks - with something special for everyone on your list.   1. Itsabelly Guide to Going Green With Baby - By Melissa Moog & Jennifer Lo Prete   2.  aden + anais Organic Muslin Swaddlers - Lil's blankie of choice is now available in even more varieties and colors.  3.  Global Green Pals - These eco-friendly dolls will become your child's new best friend.   4.  Piggy Paint - Project Earth - Safe nail polish for that tween in your life - now is Glow in the Dark too!  Use coupon code ECO10L to save 10% on anything at Piggy Paint through December 31, 2010. 5.  One Life Jewelry - A personal favorite homemade from a friend down the street from me whom I don't talk to enough. XOXO!  6.  Recycled Koby Jewelry - Made special for TerraCycle from 100% recycled silver by Canadian jeweler, Arthur ... [ Read More ]

For being eco and being honest about it…


I have just received a glamorous and much needed SUNSHINE AWARD!  It's been freezing cold in Florida this week and the sunshine is exactly what I needed.    This sunshine award was given to me by @Zealandsmom at There's No Snakes in New Zealandblog.  Danielle and I met on Twitter while talking over cloth diapers one day and I'm stoked that she has finally moved back to town!  I've never met her in real life (IRL) but we have a play date coming very soon...as soon as we both find time!  LOL!  Go check out her blog.  She talks about her kids and does product reviews and giveaways too.  She certainly has more time to spend on her blog than I do...I'm slightly jealous.  Thanks D for passing on this wonderful ray of sunshine to me!! Now...I have to pass it on to 12 bloggers I know.  I spend a lot of time each day on my own blog, networking on Twitter, and yet I only visit a few blogs each day.  Here are some on my Google Reader: 1.  Diapers and Dimples  -  For some lovely Wordless ... [ Read More ]

Eco-Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway #12


Giveaway Alert! Win a $10 gift certificate to spend at Picnic Basket Crafts on Etsy.  ECO-ngratulations Zealandsmom! Is anyone else addicted to Etsy?  It's my inspiration to dive back into my artsy crafty self and create!  (Of course with my 2 kids and a full time job...and a blog...I don't really have the time!)  Etsy is a worldwide site that allows creative people to make handmade goods for the rest of the world.  My favorite thing about Etsy is that everything is made with love and passion from people just like you and I.  One such person is Tiffany, owner of Picnic Basket Crafts.  Tiffany creates eco-friendly decadent products for your body, home and baby.  Tiffany creates an amazing line of body products that would make a great at home spa day!  Just add a bottle of wine and some good friends and pamper yourself with her Facial Scrub or Foot Soak.  Cloth diapering mama's will love Tiffany's Cleanse and Moisturize Mist for your cloth wipes...the fresh scent will take away ... [ Read More ]

Blogiversary Giveaway #2 – Teething Bling


Giveaway Alert!  This is the second giveaway of my Blogiversary Celebration!  For a complete list of all current giveaways be sure to visit the Current Giveaways & Specials link at the top of the page.  This giveaway is for all those baby mama's out there!  Are you tired of your babies pulling on your jewelry only to break your favorite necklace or bracelet?  Are you nursing?  Is your baby teething?  Smart Mom Jewelry has the solution...Teething Bling Necklaces!  Teething Bling are necklaces that are baby-proof.  They have late- free, silicone bling strung on shiny black cording.  Each bling is BPA-free, PVC-free, phthalate free, and non-toxic so your baby can chew and slobber on them all day long!  The bling comes in many differnt colors and shapes and even comes with a breakaway clasp.  No more scolding your little one for tugging on your necklace...let them tug away!  I love my Teething Bling because it's simple enough to wear with t-shirts and shorts, but fancy enough ... [ Read More ]