Welcome to Moe’s!

Giveaway alert! Register to win a $25 gift certificate to Moe's Southwest Grill at the bottom of this post.  ECO-ngratulations Summer!  You win! Fast food? Sure we all have to endure it on occasion with the hectic lives we live.  What if fast food didn't come with a drive-thru and was actually...well...healthy?  G-A-S-P, did I just fast food and healthy in the same sentence?  In a dream world there would be more places like Moe's Southwest Grill; but even that has it's downside. Did you know that Moe's food mission was to bring you and your family a more delicious and healthy eating option?  Their new menu is boasting with options like low calorie, gluten free, and vegetarian selections?  They don't use any animal fat, lard, or MSG in the cooking process!  And with over 20 fresh ingredients prepared daily your family can enjoy organic, hormone-free, meat and vegetables. Here is just a glimpse into how Moe's is turning the fast food market into a more healthy market: Steak: ... [ Read More ]