What is Fluffy Mail?

Fluffy Mail

What is Fluffy Mail? Since most of us don't have a local retail store to go pick out our fluff we mostly rely on the retailers we find and love online.  I have my favorite of course like DiaperShops.com (AKA Kelly's Closet).  When we place an order for new cloth diapers to add to our stash the hardest part is WAITING (it may be considered considered stalking to some) for them to arrive.  When your first package arrives it's almost like Christmas morning.  Depending on the retailer your new stash will arrive by USPS, FedEx, or UPS.  I've actually made friends with all three of my delivery guys and they have me on saved in their GPS for frequent deliveries!  (A sign of a true cloth diapering addict.) Fluffy mail can come in envelopes or boxes - large or small.  Sometimes it even comes eco-friendly with a reused shipping box (like my last box from Rumparooz).  However it comes to you fluffy mail actually makes going to the mail box fun again.  It's even more fun when it comes marked with ... [ Read More ]

Tell Everybody the News – #RumparoozMusic


This has been a very busy week for my friends over at Rump-a-rooz.  This past weekend they attended a local baby & kids expo where they equipped one Colorado family with a stash of 64 colorful and fun Rump-a-rooz.  They also had their skeptics like the one mom who never thought Rump-a-rooz would fit their chunky little 29lb six month old (yes 6 months) - guess what?  After a trip to the changing table they were proud to find out just how perfect the Rump-a-rooz fit this little man.  In another week the Rump-a-roozteam will be packing their fluff and heading to Las Vegas baby!  It's time for the annual ABC Kids Expo (You can follow #ABCKidsExpo on Twitter) once again where companies and retailers meet up and elope at a little chapel on the strip (OK a very large conference center)!  Anyways, this is the time of year when manufacturers and brands bring out all of their NEW products in hopes to be the 'next big thing' to hit the baby and kids market.  I hear that Rump-a-rooz has ... [ Read More ]

Wordless Wednesday – Rump-a-LOVE


I can't wait to tell you more about my partnership with Rump-a-rooz! Disclosure: This fluffy pile of goodness was provided in exchange for services that I will be providing to Rump-a-rooz in the coming months. ... [ Read More ]