Lorax Upcycled Crafts

Lorax Bookmark Craft

I'm planning a Lorax party for my kids later this week to celebrate the release of The Lorax Movie (giveaway link) on March 2nd.  My kids are (almost) 9 and 3 and they love it when I spend time with them crafting.  Here are some of the projects (crafts and recipes) we're going to be working on this week (thanks Pinterest for the inspiration).   Lorax paper flower using an upcycled book.  This would be a good use for a book that may be missing pages or damaged.  via Etsy. Lorax upcycled bookmarks.  Again using old books.  via Etsy Lorax book purse.  Another upcycled book project.  via Etsy Grickle Grass Salad.  via Pinterest Recycled Puppet Theater.  It only takes a cereal box and some craft paper.  via Katydid and Kid Marshmallow Truffula Trees.  Yummy!  via Pinterest Lorax Cake Pops.  Perhaps I should bake too?  via Bakerella Lorax Tattoo??  Ok, so it's not really one for the kids but mama might like something like this but then my friends may think I've gone ... [ Read More ]