Cereal Box Crafts #freefromtrash

Cereal Box Crafts Upcycle #freefromtrash

Today is a continuation of our project from yesterday.  Yesterday my son and I made an adorable UFO craft using a water bottle, some paint, and a few accessories.  It was a really fun project to make.  While we were working on it I was thinking about today's challenge - cereal boxes - and trying to come up with something clever out of a cereal box.  He was in the middle of playing with his Lego's when the idea came to me.  We were going to make a backdrop for his alien encounter!  Yes, he even has alien Lego's - the kid is ADDICTED to Lego's! There really wasn't much work involved in this project.  It was completed in less than 20 minutes including drying time. Supplies:  Empty cereal box, scissors, paint, and accessories To create your backdrop simply cut open the box and cut off the extra flaps.  Using acrylic paint we painted the background black and then applied some silver dry brushing to look like outer space.  Finally we added a few foam stickies that we found on ... [ Read More ]