5 Ways to Use Baking Soda for Babies

Many parents don't start looking for environmentally friendly options in their lives until after they have babies.  We want only the most natural of items to touch those precious little babies and all of their baby parts.  We clean their clothes in gentle detergent.  We wash their skin in sensitive soaps.  We put the softest diapers on their little bums.  Here are a few ways you can use that little yellow box of Baking Soda - for your baby! 5 Ways to Use Baking Soda for Babies Stain remover - add 1/2 cup of baking soda with your favorite detergent to remove those pesky baby stains (like spit up on your favorite shirt or brand new onesie). Clean toys - make a solution of 1 part baking soda to 4 parts water and rub down your favorite baby toys.  Follow with a quick rinse and their toys will be squeaky clean. Diaper pail stinkies?  Sprinkle a little bit of baking soda in your diaper pail or wet bag to help keep the odors away.  This trick works for both disposable and cloth ... [ Read More ]

#GoBananas with Charlie Banana & Charlie’s Soap (10/11)

  Cloth diapering is not only great for the environment and economical, it's becoming a fashion statement with parents.  Join Charlie Banana and Charlie's Soap on October 11th as we celebrate the all new Charlie Banana Fashion Collection by Matthew Langille. Matthew Langille, a world renowned graphic artist and designer, was inspired to design the Charlie Banana Fashion Collection by the birth of his first son in Sept. 2011. From a Sept. 8th Press Release - "Charlie Banana® is leading the cloth diaper industry with hybrid, luxurious diapers - and we're thrilled to add an exclusive line of chic options featuring an upbeat, humorous twist," said Gaelle Wizenberg, CEO of Winc Design, Inc. "Our top priority is to be innovative and eco-friendly, while making hybrid cloth diapering more attractive for new parents. Working with Matthew Langille has been fun and we love that his son will be a Charlie Banana® baby from the start." Charlie's Soap has been a trusted ... [ Read More ]

Resorting to the Clothes Line

Our Patio Clothes Line

What happens when your clothes dryer won't heat anymore? That's what happened to us this week.  After tumbling a load of laundry (jeans of course) for 3 full cycles on high heat we realized that the machine was just not working.  It was night already so line drying wasn't exactly an option for the night so we opened up the ironing board, pulled out the hangers, and laid out the laundry around the house.  The laundry was dry by the next morning so we didn't worry about it for a few days. Then we went away for the weekend and came home with dirty laundry.  I was surprised when my husband woke up Monday morning and decided to start the laundry.  We had a brief conversation about shopping for new washers and driers then he went to the laundry room to begin a load of laundry.  I went back to work and watched as he carefully laid out all our wet clothes on the back porch.  He laid them out on all of our patio furniture first.  Then he pulled out a trick I learned while sunning cloth ... [ Read More ]

Cloth Diaper Laundry Do’s and Don’ts – Part 1: Picking a Detergent

Rockin' Green Soap Cloth Diaper Detergent

Day 15: Picking the right cloth diaper detergent for you!  Today I’m starting a series of posts that will talk about some of your most frequently asked laundry questions.  These tips are perfect for the newbie cloth diaper user as well as the cloth diapering expert.  Warning though – you may not agree with all of my advice but hopefully I will give you something to think about when you start complaining about dirty diapers, stinkies, and stains.  Part One:  My cloth diaper manufacturer recommends that I only use detergents that are free of dyes, enzymes, perfumes, essential oils, whiteners and brighteners. What does that mean really?  Let’s break each one of those ingredients down and explain a little more about them in detail.  Dyes – this one should be obvious.  If you use a detergent that has a color or tint to it there is a chance that the dyes could stain your diapers.  Not only that but the dyes that are used probably aren’t natural and we don’t want them touching our ... [ Read More ]

In Days of Yore….a Review of YoreGanics


Giveaway alert - One lucky reader will win a Yoreganics sample pack, complete with soap nuts, stain remover, brightens & whitens, and lip balm.  Details on how to enter at bottom of the post.  ECO-ngratulations @Helenlamby! Regular readers may recall my previous review of soap nuts (EcoNuts) and my new found love of the soapberry tree.  These nuts (actually they are the shells of the berry from the soapberry tree) can be added to your laundry and used in place of traditional detergents.  YES - they really get your clothes clean.  I've been using them for months now and I love them.  I like that I don't have to add nasty chemicals to get my clothes clean and I really love that I can use them on my cloth diapers! What makes Yoreganics different?  Yoreganics sells more than just the soap nuts (which are also USDA certified organic).  They sell a USDA certified organic stain remover (made from saponified oils of coconut, jojoba and olive oils) and an eco-friendly alternative to ... [ Read More ]

Cloth Diaper Laundry – An Update


I've written about my laundry routine before with my cloth diapers but I wanted to give you an update...after all our routines change as our children continue to grow and our diapers get older.  Let me first start by saying that what works for me may not work for you.  Why is that?  Let me first start by giving you some facts on me, my diapers, and our routine. 1. Lil' B is 16 months old, still breastfed and eating solids regularly.  I tell you this because a wash routine of an infant is different from a toddler. 2.  Our stash is primarily BumGenius 3.0s (about 20) and about 10-15 mixed other brands that we've tried.  All are pockets, all-in-ones, or all-in-twos.  We've never used pre-folds. 3.  More info on our stash - most of them are microfiber, microfleece, or some other micro-combination.  We do have some bamboo, hemp, and cotton combo inserts as well.  4.  We have an old-fashioned top loader washing machine.  We're waiting for it to croak before we invest in a ... [ Read More ]

Daddy washed the cloth diapers…and more scary stories

Why is it that you appreciate the comforts of home so much more when you are away?  We've been out of town for 5 days now and I miss my bed, my pillow, my cat!  Luckily the family and I got to visit Disney again on Sat/Sun before I had to attend a training class in Orlando this week.  They came back home Monday and I got home tonight.  This trip was a little different than normal... We traveled with our cloth diapers!!!  That's right, we took our stash with us to a hotel for more than a day!  Here is what I had planned (followed by how it worked out!):  1) Friday night I washed our stash and put Lil' B in her GroBaby diaper with BioSoaker, and 2) packed a combination of BioSoakers and Bum Genius.  I was hoping to make it easier on my husband so he wouldn't have to do a ton of wash as soon as he got home on Monday.  Unfortunately my plan didn't work out as planned BUT it worked...Lil' B pooped in her GroBaby Friday night and got some debris on the cover so I couldn't take the ... [ Read More ]

My Laundry is Rockin’ Green


Since today is laundry day at the Eco Chic household it's only fitting that I write a post about Rockin' Green Soap.  Washing cloth diapers is probably one of the most intimidating elements of using cloth.  The manufactures are very specific about what NOT to use when washing their diapers and what will void their warranties.  What they don't always tell you is exactly what you CAN use.  Since I primarily use Bum Genius I'll use them as an example.  The manufacturer recommendations say to use a detergent that is free of dyes, enzymes, perfumes, whiteners and brighteners.  Hmmm.... You can understand why I was so excited to find a detergent formulated specifically for cloth diapers!  Rockin' Green Soap meets all of the manufactures recommendations AND MORE!  Rockin' Green is vegan so even my best friend can use it to wash her clothes :)!  Rockin' Green is phosphate free which makes it...well....GREEN!  Green as in eco-friendly, since phosphates can add unwanted nutrients back into ... [ Read More ]

Product Review and Giveaway

Baby Nappy Balm

I just received 3 products in the mail today from ECO Store USA, a company that offers environmentally friendly products for baby, bath, body, hair, home and pets.  The company started in New Zealand and recently began to expand into the US.  I feel like a little kid every time I get something in the mail that's not a bill or junk mail.  When my package arrived I quickly opened it to see what was inside.  Inside my package was a liter of Plant Based Super Concentrate Laundry Liquid, a bottle of Aromatherapy Baby Body Wash, and a jar of Baby Nappy Balm.  I'm going to spend the next week reviewing these products for you as I use them on Little B and around the house.  At the end of my reviews I'm proud to announce a giveaway of $25 worth of ECO Store USA products.  More details on the giveaway are coming so visit regularly so you don't miss it! First thoughts?  Professional and eco-friendly packaging.  The items were in a small box with a few pieces of recycleable newsprint ... [ Read More ]