Must Have Kids Apps

Must Have Apps for Kids

Does your child use your iPhone or iPad (or other mobile device)?  I think our iPad has begun to look like a child's toy more than it does an adult tool.  My husband is actually regretting setting it up with his account because everything we download on the iPad ends up clogging his iPad too. What are some of your favorite kids apps?  I have a few new apps that my kids are enjoying. Scholatic Reading Timer:  I don't need to encourage my oldest bookworm to read but this app is nice because it allows us to log our summer reading hours.  It lets you create accounts for each child, provides parents with useful tips, and gives kids some suggested books to read based on their age.  Cost: Free Storia:  Another fun app for kids by Scholastic.  This is a eReader app just for kids.  It includes 5 free ebooks.  While this app is free the additional books do cost a few dollars each and can add up if you have a kid who loves to read.  Cost: Free + cost of additional books. WATCH Disney, ... [ Read More ]

Technology & Our Children – Where do you stand?

Parent Settings

This post is sponsored by Club Penguin & "This is My Story...and I'm Sticking To It" (an iPad app). Both companies contacted me recently to ask me to share the news with you about their products so instead of the hum drum reviews you're use to reading I'm going to talk about how we use technology with our children. Let's start the discussions... ...oh, and there is a giveaway at the end if you are interested. If you've never visited me before I have 2 kids.  Big B/Big Brother is 8 years old and just finished 2nd grade.  Lil' B is our darling red-headed tot who is 2 1/2 yrs old.  It's hard as a mom who is ALWAYS online to shun your children from technology.  I think there is a lot of value in letting your children explore and learn with the help of all these fabulous tools we have available these days.  We have plenty of options around our house for the kids to explore with - the Wii, the DS, multiple laptops, 3 iPhones, 1 iPad, television, and a Kindle...did I miss ... [ Read More ]

Meet the NEW SoftBums Omni Multi-Purpose Pocket Cloth Diaper

SoftBums Echo vs Omni

Welcome to the SoftBums MYSTERY Blog Event at The Eco Chic blog! To find out more about the event and to see a full list of blogs participating please visit: Would you like to win an iPad?  How about a Birth to Potty SoftBums package? Maybe a gift certificate or two?  Or some free diapers?  Then be sure to enter the giveaway at the end of this post!!! Many months ago I was introduced to Sarah at SoftBums with the opportunity to review the Perfect Fit (now called the Echo Slide2Size) cloth diaper.  If you'd like to refer back to my origianl review please read, Why SoftBums Are Really the Perfect Fit Cloth Diaper.  Since trying the Echo diaper with my growing toddler (now 21 months) I've noticed some areas where the diaper could use some adjusting - since my tot is no longer a tiny baby the width in the crotch area seems a little narrow and snug.  I'm constantly having to make sure the insert is snug inside the cover.  If you play around with ... [ Read More ]

Plaid Doctrine Family of Eco-Chic Bags & Organizers

Step 3 - Place in purse

I'm not a high fashion kind of girl but I do love a nice looking purse or bag.  See - my mother NEVER carried a purse - she just tossed her wallet into her pocket and off she went.  I follow after her most of the time but I need to carry a purse.  I don't alway have much inside - and sometimes my friends laugh at how small my purses are - but I always have one with me.  Of course lately the diaper bag has become my purse when I'm out with Lil' B.  Unlike my mom - my purses and bags have to match my outfit!  I know that's silly but I don't like to clash.  The one thing I HATE to do is change purses because it's a pain to move all that junk from one bag to the next.  I've seen those fancy purse organizers on TV but they never really appealed to me - they looked too complicated or ugly - and they are far from eco-friendly.  **Note - my purses aren't really all eco-friendly either.  I mean, have you seen these things?     Not exactly what I want to be fumbling with when my ... [ Read More ]

Join @EcoMomMedia Thursday 4/29 for #DiaperShops Twitter Party!


Did you realize that I'm now hosting Twitter Parties on Thursday evenings?  You can now follow me at Eco Mom Media for the most up to date eco-friendly and cloth diapering Twitter Parties!  This weeks party is sponsored by Diaper Shops.  Why should you attend this weeks party?  Because Diaper Shops is celebrating the 9th anniversary of Kelly's Closet by giving away an iPad and a ton of cloth diapers!  The party is Thursday, April 29th, 2010 at 9pm ET.  Be sure to register HERE and use #DiaperShops hashtag during the party.  Can't wait to see you on Thursday! ... [ Read More ]