Simple Fruit Leather Recipe

Homemade Fruit Leather @TheEcochic

What happens when you put GoGo Squeez applesauce in a food dehydrator?  You get a super easy and incredibly tasty fruit leather recipe! My husband just bought a food dehydrator and I've been having some fun playing with different fruits and veggies for the past 2 days.  Today I decided to have a little fun with fruit leather (aka: fruit roll ups).  When I searched online for different recipes, most of them used pureed fruit or applesauce.  That's when I heard "ding, ding, ding" in my head and this brilliant idea was formed.  Instead of making fresh applesauce (because really, who has time for that) or running to the store for a jar of applesauce, I pulled out 3 pouches of GoGo Squeez. Our dehydrator came with the handy plastic trays specifically for fruit leather.  All I did was pour out 3 pouches of GoGo Squeez applesauce (you can pick any flavor - or mix it up and have a LOT of fun) on the tray and spread evenly.  I could have easily added 2-3 more pouches if I wanted a thicker ... [ Read More ]

Handmade Holiday Gifts

Giveaway alert! Enter to win a prize package from valued at over $50 in downloadable patterns. Do you make any of your own holiday gifts?  I always have big dreams of making lots of fun homemade gifts for friends and family but I usually end up with just one or two by the time the busy holiday rush is all over.  Last year I was fairly proud of myself for making my daughter a complete set of felt food and a few doll outfits, diapers, and accessories.  Not sure how much I'll actually accomplish this year. Where do I get my inspiration and directions to make my projects?  As you well know I'm a Pinterest addict so I do find a lot of projects on there.  If I'm really looking for something specific though I know I can usually find the pattern and directions at  I found this website a few years ago and it actually inspired me to buy a sewing machine and re-teach myself how to sew.  You can download a pattern (some are free, while others are ... [ Read More ]

Mumi & Bubi Solids Starter Kit – Review and Giveaway


Giveaway alert! One lucky reader will receive a mumi & bubi Solids Starter Kit (TM).  Details at the end of the review.  ECO-ngratulations Shelley!!! Have I ever mentioned that my daughter will eat A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G? At 2 years old she's no longer a baby and eats a healthy variety of foods (along with some not-so-healthy indulgences).  She's always had a healthy appetite and we never had a problem introducing new foods to her.  We started introducing solids around 5-6 months (which is later than we introduced solids with her brother) and avoided most of the prepared baby foods.  As I did with her brother I felt it was important to feed her homemade baby food, most of which were the pureed versions of what I prepared for the rest of the family. One of my favorite websites for baby food recipes was Homemade Baby Food Recipes.  My go to baby food was mashed avocado - one that both of my children loved.  The one challenge I had with making our own baby food was how to store the ... [ Read More ]

Eco-Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway #12


Giveaway Alert! Win a $10 gift certificate to spend at Picnic Basket Crafts on Etsy.  ECO-ngratulations Zealandsmom! Is anyone else addicted to Etsy?  It's my inspiration to dive back into my artsy crafty self and create!  (Of course with my 2 kids and a full time job...and a blog...I don't really have the time!)  Etsy is a worldwide site that allows creative people to make handmade goods for the rest of the world.  My favorite thing about Etsy is that everything is made with love and passion from people just like you and I.  One such person is Tiffany, owner of Picnic Basket Crafts.  Tiffany creates eco-friendly decadent products for your body, home and baby.  Tiffany creates an amazing line of body products that would make a great at home spa day!  Just add a bottle of wine and some good friends and pamper yourself with her Facial Scrub or Foot Soak.  Cloth diapering mama's will love Tiffany's Cleanse and Moisturize Mist for your cloth wipes...the fresh scent will take away ... [ Read More ]

Homemade Household Cleaners by Safe Spray


Giveaway Alert!  One lucky reader will win a 3-pack Safe Spray starter kit.  All readers are winners with a coupon code from Safe Spray!  ECO-ngratulations Krina! You WIN! By now you all know how much I 'love' to clean and my reasons why I'm totally exaggerating!  Traditional household cleaning products (especially anything with bleach) make it hard for me to breath so I leave the heavy cleaning to my dear sweet hubby.  I do love him so much for tackling that horrid shower of ours.  In the past my hubby can attest that I have tried to search for homemade recipes for cleaning.  I've mixed up my vinegar with other household goodies to make general purpose cleaners.  I've used hydrogen peroxide to clean the mildew in our horrid shower.  I prefer using simple, homemade cleaners because they reduce our impact on the environment and are healthier for us.  While using these homemade recipes is great I struggle with finding the recipes (and remembering what recipe I used last time) and ... [ Read More ]

Happy Mother’s Day

I wanted to wish all the mothers (and motherly type people) a very Happy Mother's Day!  My day was spent away from the fancy restaurants and away from all the fancy gifts and store bought stuff.  My son is only 5 so I don't think he really 'appreciates' what I do for him yet...but my hubby certainly does.  They let me stay in bed this morning while the two of them cooked me breakfast.  My present was a breakfast cooked by the best men in my life, a handmade card (complete with coupons), and a flower picked from the garden.  The coupons were for little things my son could do (or get some help doing) like 1) wash my car, 2) snuggle time, and 3) clean up his room himself.  I have to say my hubby was quite creative at the last minute!  The rest of the day was spent spending quality family time.  What else could the EcoChic (Eco-Freak to some! LOL!!) ask for?  Nothing!  Today was perfect. ... [ Read More ]