RSVP for #GreenGifts Twitter Party – 11/13/12

The holidays are coming and the #GreenGifts party coming up on November 13th is not to be missed! With great sponsors and prizes from Allegory Pens, Onya Baby, VZWraps, Grassroots Store, Irma Guzman Eco Jewelry, Earth Mama Angel Baby, Eco Store USA, Squooshi, Binky Spritz, Red Charlotte, YoBlocks, & Organic Baby Gift Boutique the #GreenGifts party will leave you with a variety of great green gift ideas and the chance to win them for yourself - or to gift! When: Tuesday, November 13th (11/13/12) Time: 9-10pm ET Hashtag: #GreenGifts Your Hosts: @TheEcoChic, @EFFblog & Special Partner @GreenChildMag Sponsors: @AllegoryPens, @GrassrootsStore, @VZWraps, @OnyaBaby, @IrmaGuzman, @EarthMamaHQ, @OrganicBabyGift, @ecostoreusa, @squooshi, @binkyspritz , @redcharlotte , @YoBlocks & More to be announced soon! New to Twitter parties? Try out these great guides on how to join the fun using TweetGrid or TweetChat! Note: Twitter has tightened the rules on Tweeting from third ... [ Read More ]

More Eco-Gift Wrapping Ideas & Directions


This is the first year that I've actually tried not to buy new gift wrap, ribbons, and tags for our holiday gift wrapping.  We still have several rolls of wrapping paper (I doubt we will ever run out!) but I really wanted to make some of our wrappings a little more eco-friendly in nature.  One of our gifts to wrap was a cute little tutu (3 actually) for some of Big B's girlfriends.  How on earth do you wrap a tutu anyways?  I decided to take use some old t-shirts for the wrapping and tie them with tulle that was left over from the tutus (yes, I made the tutus as well).  For the tags I cut out shapes from food boxes that were in our recycling box and tied them on.  I'm sure if I had taken my time I could have made them even prettier but those who know me know that my time is limited these days!  Here is the final product...not too bad!   And remember all those magazinesI told you I received in the mail?  I decided to make some upcycled ribbons from them.  I found a simple tutorial ... [ Read More ]

Eco-Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway #2

Giveaway Alert!!!  Win a cute pocket cloth diaper compliments of Aimee of Eco-Wrapz; available from The Apple Orchard of Hyena Cart!!!  Eco-ngratulations Jacobsen Family! Watch your email for details on how to claim your Eco-Wrapz diaper! Have you found Hyena Cart yet?  Why not??  It is slam packed with small earth-friendly shops...including tons of cloth diapers shops!  The Apple Orchardis home to great collections by Eco-Wrapz, The Funky Birdie Boutique, Robyn's Star Diapers, and many more great collections.  Aimee of Eco-Wrapz sent Lil' B a one-size pocket diaper in lilac and zebra print to try.  I'm slowly but surely becoming more comfortable with snaps; the Eco-Wrapz is a good fit for me!  There is one row of snaps around the waist (10 total) and 2 snaps on each tab plus one cross over snap.  There are 2 different rise setting snaps on the front and one on the back.  This is the first diaper I've seen with a back rise snap...I like it!!  I always end up with a little pooch ... [ Read More ]

Green Holiday Tip #1

Today's tip involves gift boxes.  We all use them at some time around the holidays to wrap up those squishy clothing items we buy our friends and families.  We usually save them up year after year and reuse them; however after a few years they are all nasty and get thrown away.  This year I found boxes make from 100% recycled paper at the local Wal-Mart store.  And they were really cheap!  As an extra bonus they were made in the good ole' USA!  So, this year if you need to purchase gift boxes remember to find ones made from 100% recycled paper! ... [ Read More ]


Why is it that the holiday's are the hardest time to stay green?  Easter is tomorrow and I have such fond memories of Easter when I was a kid.  Maybe that's one reason why it's so hard for me to change my ways.  For this year I did make a few minor changes but nothing dramatic. He already has a basket from last year so we're reusing that.  No need to buy a new one each year.  Afterall, when I was a kid that was the one thing my mom was good at, reusing items.  We always used the same basket from year to year.  I bet if I did deep enough in their storage shed that my parents still have those baskets somewhere.  Another item my mom always reused was the grass.  Trust me by the time we were 10 that stuff was so old I'm surprized it didn't just disappear.  However, since I didn't get into the habit of saving that stuff this year I tried something new.  Wal-Mart had some OxoBiodegradeable Plastic grass.  Now...I know I should have just gotten the paper grass but I was curious.  Now ... [ Read More ]

Happy St. Patty’s Day!!

So the EcoChic has once again been missing for about a week.  This time work was not responsible for my escape.  My dad had open heart surgery (triple bypass) one week ago today so I've spent much of my time in a hospital waiting room.  Fortunately everything went well and he is on his way home today.  Both myself and my son have also had birthdays.  My little guy turns 5 today!  So we spent the weekend celebrating life! Over the past week I have experienced the green world at many different locations.  The hospital (I imagine) has some kind of environmental program in place but it's not usually visually identifiable by patients and their families.  There was no evidence of a recycling program in place anywhere.  Where we spent most of our time was in the CVICU waiting room with other families who are dealing with heart surgery and recovery.  There was a vending machine but no place to recycle the bottles.  Also in the cafeteria there was no visual recycling.  I have no idea what ... [ Read More ]

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Good afternoon eco-friends!  Once again the quantity of regular work has me overwhelmed and unable to give you a Trashy Thursday post.  I had a great idea for today but I never got around to making it to show you.  It was a special Valentine's Day craft I was going to make with my son with an empty toilet paper roll.  Maybe if we get bored tonight (wishful thinking) we'll make one up to share.  So today is Valentine's Day and I should have wrote this earlier in the week but did you think green for the pink day?  My hubby impressed me today with a potted plant (beautiful tulips) and a recycled card.  I save cards forever so it won't go into the landfill anyways.  (Some would call me a bit of a pack-rat).  OK...sorry for the short post but I had to say HI to all my friends.  Have a great Valentine's Day and remember to 'think green' today. ... [ Read More ]