How to Make Hello Kitty Cake Pops (with an alternate title)

Kitty Cake Pops_Step 4

  This post would be better titled How NOT to Make Hello Kitty Cake Pops or Why Did Mommy Just Throw a Cake Pop Across the Kitchen? My youngest daughter turned 4 on the 4th and the ambitious mommy that I am decided that I would attempt to make her Hello Kitty cake pops.  Of course the first place I go is to Pinterest to start compiling all of my brilliant projects in one place. That's where I found Bakerella's beautifully crafted Here Kitty, Kitty cake pops (click on the link to see what mine did NOT look like).  I also watched her super easy YouTube video on how to make cake pops just to be sure I wasn't jumping into something that I wouldn't be able to do.  Looked easy enough. Off to the store I went to get cake mix, frosting, candy melts, fancy sprinkles, mini m&m's, candy sticks, and an edible pen.  Do you know how much they charge for those pretty fancy sprinkles??  I just about had a heart attack but bought them anyway - my baby is worth it! We were ... [ Read More ]