Overnight (or heavy wetter) Flats Solutions

Hemp Babies

Today was the first day in a week that we woke up with a leak!  EEEK!  My tot insists on going pee pee on the potty every night before bed and last night she sat, and sat, and sat but never peed.  When she woke up this morning she said, "Mommy my bankie wet."  I knew what had happened obviously.  We used a single pad folded flat (birdseye cotton) inside a Flip and it just couldn't hold a full nights worth of toddler pee. Tips for Overnights (or Heavy Wetters) When Using Flat Cloth Diapers Double up the layers by using two flat diapers before you fold and place in your cover. Add your favorite insert inside a pad folded flat to increase the absorbency. Use a hemp flat like Hemp Babies (alone or with an extra insert). Use a fleece or wool cover that will catch any leaks and keep them contained. Tonight we are trying our Flip cover with a pad folded Hemp Babies.  Here are my pictures (just excuse the bad lighting and poor iPhone quality - my camera is out of town at the ... [ Read More ]