Pack a Better Lunch Box

Pack A Better Lunch Box

  What do you pack in your kids lunch?  It's so easy when we go shopping to grab the prepackaged junk products that are popular with the kids.  My kids would love it if I gave them Lunchables every day but that sends me into serious mommy guilt because of the artificial ingredients.  Here are a few of our favorite alternative lunch box favorites - Applegate natural deli meat - Applegate meats do not contain antibiotics, hormones, artificial ingredients or preservatives.  Serve them on a sandwich or cut them up to create your own healthier cheese, meat, and cracker snacks.  To learn more about Applegate follow them on Facebook. Late July Organic Snack Chips - Late July chips are made with USDA Organic ingredients, are GMO free, and gluten free.  They do not contain any artificial ingredients, flavors, or colors.  They come in a variety of flavors like blue corn, sea salt, mild green mojo, sweet potato (seriously delicious), and dude ranch!  To learn more about Late July follow ... [ Read More ]

Shaklee Kids Vitamins & Supplements Review

Shaklee Kids

Do your kids take vitamins and mineral supplements?  I've never been that great at remembering to take vitamins myself.  My husband is much better at that type of stuff.  I can't even remember to take my daily medication.  My children have both become quite fond of taking their vitamins though thanks to Shaklee Kids Incredibites and Mighty Smart supplements. Both my 8yr old and my 3yr old ask for their vitamins every morning while they are getting ready for school.  It's (finally) become part of our morning routine.  This is the season in Florida when vitamins can be very helpful for keeping my kids healthy.  The Florida weather can be bright and sunny and 80 in the afternoons - or it can be chilly (for our standards) and 40 in the morning.  Perfect weather for our little ones to get sick. Have you heard of Shaklee before?  It's not a new brand or company.  In fact, they have been around for over 50 years and are a very environmentally friendly company.  Here are just a few ... [ Read More ]

Welcome to Moe’s!

Giveaway alert! Register to win a $25 gift certificate to Moe's Southwest Grill at the bottom of this post.  ECO-ngratulations Summer!  You win! Fast food? Sure we all have to endure it on occasion with the hectic lives we live.  What if fast food didn't come with a drive-thru and was actually...well...healthy?  G-A-S-P, did I just fast food and healthy in the same sentence?  In a dream world there would be more places like Moe's Southwest Grill; but even that has it's downside. Did you know that Moe's food mission was to bring you and your family a more delicious and healthy eating option?  Their new menu is boasting with options like low calorie, gluten free, and vegetarian selections?  They don't use any animal fat, lard, or MSG in the cooking process!  And with over 20 fresh ingredients prepared daily your family can enjoy organic, hormone-free, meat and vegetables. Here is just a glimpse into how Moe's is turning the fast food market into a more healthy market: Steak: ... [ Read More ]

Healthier to you Potato and Ham Soup Recipe

Today has been a lot about food to me.  I've been PMS'ing B-I-G time today and incredibly moody.  When this happens I tend to redirect my moodiness to something creative.  Today I've been cooking up a storm - and trying to be healthy. Now - before you get all excited - I'm not one of those New Year's resolution kind of gals.  I've never really worried about my weight too much and never really had to diet.  However, as you reach mid-thirty (I mean 29) your metabolism does slow down.  The hubs has been eating healthy and exercising for about a year now and looks younger and more fit than the day we met.  I've been on the all-you-can-eat-breastfeeding diet for two years now and haven't really cared too much about what I put into my body.  Sure it has to be healthy because I'm feeding Lil B as well - but I've never been overly concerned with watching my figure.  So I eat chocolate (alot), drink sodas (less than I use to), and love CHEESE!  Yesterday we made our traditional ham, ... [ Read More ]