Copy Kids – How to get your kids to eat fruits and vegetables

Copy Kids DVD Review

Do you ever wonder how other parents get their kids to eat their fruits and vegetables?  They copy what they see around them. My parents raised my brother and I to always try what was on the table.  We didn't have to like it but we had to try it.  I will have to admit I didn't always like that my mom made me try things but as a parent I appreciate it even more.  We don't cook different meals for our kids - they have to eat what we are cooking.  Sometimes that means salmon, veggie pizza, and other random goodies! Does it always work?  No, but they are more adventurous in their food choices because of it.  My son grew up loving avocado when I had never even tried it.  Now it's a staple food in our pantry and we all eat it.  My daughter eats raw onions, peppers, and just about any food you put in front of her (including sushi and wasabi - no joke!).  Just last night I made an asparagus pizza and there weren't any leftovers for lunch today. When I received an email from the ... [ Read More ]