A Greener Bunny Trail – Tips for Greening Your Easter

Green Easter Tips

I cannot believe that Spring is almost here and Easter is less than a month away.  While at Blissdom this year I got to spend a few minutes with the Easter Bunny and his friends from Hershey's to talk about how to green your Easter. 5 Tips for Greening Your Easter: Skip the plastic grass please!  If you must use grass in your basket use the recycled paper grass and reuse/recycle it when Easter is over with.  The plastic grass is horrible to the environment and makes a huge mess anyways.  In the past I've been known to shred junk mail at home and make my own Easter grass (this also works for packing material too). Reuse a basket!  The one thing I remember as a child is that my mom reused our Easter baskets each year.  It was the only thing that remained the same each year and I'm pretty sure if I go searching through my moms storage shed I might still be able to find my basket from childhood.  We started this same tradition with our kids.  Get creative with your baskets too - you ... [ Read More ]