Run, Calley, Run! #GoGreenGetFit Update

Guess what?  I did it!!  I put my running shoes on and started training for my 5K tonight!!  I'm a busy mom.  I work full-time (plus a few hours).  I have 2 active kids.  I have a house to keep up (hahahaha).  We like to travel (a lot).  My biggest challenge in this Go Green Get Fit challenge is making time to work out.  I've done really well at making time to go to kickboxing at least 2 times a week but that's not where my goal stopped.  I want to work out MORE!  I want to enjoy running like my friends and I want to accomplish my goals.  I want to show my kids that even mommy can be fit and take care of herself. At BlogHer '12 I got up at 6am to run their 5K (cough - joke - cough) through Central Park.  I didn't train AT ALL for this and didn't even have a running partner.  I forgot my inhaler (asthma) and didn't have any water.  I was at the back of the pack and had visions of CSI or Law and Order flash in my head (yes, this really happened) and fear got the best of me.  As I ... [ Read More ]

Finding Motivation to Stay Fit


Where do you find your motivation to stay fit?  It's easy to get sidetracked when you are a mom.  You're always being pulled to take the kids to school, extra curricular activities, and barely have time to breath by yourself.  So what motivates you?  Is it the way you look?  The way you feel?  Is it your health that motivates you? For me, I'm motivated by my husband!  He has been working out consistently for almost 2 years now and the results are fantastic.  He looks great, he feels great, and he's pushing himself to new levels physically.   Last month he even completed his first triathlon. I'm also motivated by my kids.  My son is active in karate (taekwondo actually) and is on his way to becoming a black belt.  My daughter isn't active in any actual classes yet but she loves to move and grove with us.  She likes to imitate what we do - and she has a mean push up! My friends motivate me too.  A large group of our friends are into running.  I've never been much of a runner but ... [ Read More ]

Go Green, Get Fit Challenge – My Goals

Go Green Get Fit Challenge #gogreengetfit

2012 has been a year about me pushing myself  in areas that I've never been comfortable in before.  In January I visited my doctor for a regular check-up and to get some refills updated when I found out my cholesterol was off-the-charts!  I was in a state of shock because I'm not a very large person, I'm not over weight, and I don't eat too bad.  I know I'm not the healthiest of eaters but I don't indulge in the bad stuff very often.  I was immediately put on medication for the cholesterol adding to my list of daily medications I already take (I have Grave's disease - a thyroid condition, a minor heart condition, asthma, and now this). My family history is not all that exciting either.  My dad has had open heart surgery and a few other heart procedures.  The rest of his family has also struggled with heart conditions.  My mom has Parkinson's Disease (like Michael J Fox) and suffers from a bad case of the shakes most days.  I've gotten so accustomed to health problems that it doesn't ... [ Read More ]