Global Warming Day!

Today is my day to talk about global warming.  Do you believe global warming exists?  Or do you think it's just a myth a normal pattern in the planets history?  What do you think President Bush thinks about Global Warming?  There was an interesting video I saw on Yahoo today that answers that very question.  I had a friend of mine say something very similar as President Bush about the oil refineries in the U.S.  I had never really thought about it from his perspective.  The way my friend asked the questions was this; "Did you know that China and others have oil refineries very close off the coast of the United States?  Wouldn't you rather have the U.S. manage the oil refineries with our environmental regulations instead of letting China do it without any regulations?  And if we had our own oil refineries we could reduce the cost of gasoline."  Like I said, I had never considered that side of things.  I still think there are other alternatives that need to be investigated and persued; ... [ Read More ]