America Recycles Day with Recycle Kyle


Monday is America Recycles Day - an annual event organized by Keep America Beautiful.  Each year I organize an event for my company to recognize America Recycles Day for our employees.  It's not until later in the week that I can actually teach my children about the outreach efforts.  Fortunately my sons school organizes a Great American Teach In later in the week to allow parents to visit the classrooms and teach the kids about a hobby or profession.  I always choose recycling in support of America Recycles Day. This year I have a new friend to help me talk to the kids - Recycle Kyle and the Global Green Pals.  Kyle and his friends are a line of eco-friendly stuffed toys that can serve as eco-ambassadors for our children.  Each pal has a story to tell - Recycle Kyle of course recycles everything!  Kids can visit the Global Green Pals website to learn more about their favorite eco-ambassador.  For instance, did you know that Kyle is from Seattle where he likes to get around on his ... [ Read More ]