An Earth Day Award…to My Mom!


I received an email about halfway through the day yesterday from my mom asking me to give her a call at work.  Of course I picked up the phone and called to see what was up.  She was super excited and all bubbly about another email she sent me (which I didn't see yet).  I quickly opened my email to find this link: Congratulations to Triangle Elementary School, the National Winner (in the TerraCycle Drink Pouch Derby)! My mom is the cafeteria manager at Triangle Elementary School and a few years back implemented a recycling/upcycling program for drink pouches.  Part of their school nutrition program is a free breakfast program for their students which includes a drink pouch with every breakfast.  With over 500 students in the school you can imagine the kind of waste this creates.  Instead of trashing the pouches, she decided to start a TerraCycle collection program and earn points (to redeem for cash) for the cafeteria.  It's not a small undertaking cleaning out several hundred ... [ Read More ]

Tips for Celebrating Earth Day with Your Children

Tips for Celebrating Earth Day with Children @TheEcoChic

Do your kids share the love of nature with you?  How do you teach them to be good environmental stewards and take care of the gifts that have been given to us?  Earth Day is a good reminder for us to teach these lessons to our children; not just one day a year but every day.  Take a few minutes today and show your children some of the beautiful things that surround them and how they can preserve those treasures.  Here are a few fun ways I like to celebrate Earth Day with my kids: Take a family trip to the recycling center.Don’t save this chore for the weekends or for dad; do it together as a family and show your children what happens when the recycling truck comes and hauls off your trash.  Many recycling centers have community educators that are available to share how recycling benefits your local community. Start a garden.  Kids love to play in the dirt and be outside.  Set aside a small area in your backyard to start your own family garden with your favorite fruits and ... [ Read More ]

Five Things I Don’t Want You to Know

My husband and I have a great relationship but like all spouses we pick on each others weaknesses when we get frustrated. This weekend he picked on my green weaknesses so I decided to turn it into a blog post. (Love you huney!) Whether you are green-minded or not you will appreciate knowing that I'm not perfect and I don't claim to be. While I am The Eco Chic that doesn't mean that I am always living the perfect green life. I am human and there is no way that I will ever be 100% green. Our current lifestyle just does not allow for me to do everything to the greenest level possible. Like most parents out there I have real life responsibilities such as a career, a family, kids, house work, church, extra curricular activities, and so much more to juggle each day...being green is just one aspect of my life. Five Things I Don't Want You to Know About Me: 1. I'm a lazy recycler and I don't recycle everything. We pay to have our recyclables picked up once a week where we live. I am ... [ Read More ]

TerraCycle Garden Collection

Terra Cycle's Garden Fertilizer

In my last post (yes, I do realize I haven't written in almost 2 weeks...VACATION!!!!) I wrote about joining a Terra Cycle Brigade.  So what do they do with all of those items they collect?  In todays post I'm going to specifically talk about their garden collection of products.  Now my garden started out really strong this spring but with the intense Florida summer heat it's all dead until fall.  I did get lots of cherry tomatos and green onions but everything else pretty much died.  With my food garden dead I've only tried their Garden Fertilizer (thanks Terra Cycle!!) and my hibiscus is loving it.  We had an older bush and a new bush and after using the fertilizer they are both about the same size and fullness.  They actually make several variations of the fertilizer and plant food; tomato plant food, orchid plant food, and lawn fertilizer.  I'm excited to try the tomato plant food this fall when I try my fall garden.  All of their plant foods and fertilizers are bottled ... [ Read More ]

Upcycling and TerraCycle


We've all heard the term RECYCLING but how many of you have heard the term UPCYCLING?  Anyone want to take a guess what the definition of UPCYCLING is? According to Wikipedia; Upcycling is the use of waste (trash) materials to provide useful products.  The main difference between recycling and upcycling is that there is minimal processing involved with upcycling.  The waste materials are used in the waste form to create a new and useful product.  I'll give you some examples in a minute. TerraCycle, Inc is a company out of Trenton, NJ that has mastered the art of upcycling.  While in college at Princeton University, TerraCycle founder Tom Szaky had a wonderful idea for marketing worm poop.  Worm poop?  Yes, I did say worm poop.  A form of composting is vermicompost where worms break down the materials and the worm poop is then used as a mulch or plant food.  Well Tom had the idea of selling this worm poop as an all natural plant food.  There's more; Tom decided that he would ... [ Read More ]

Our Compost and Garden

Compost bin

I wanted to share the pictures from our weekend project (finally!).  Remember I told you how we made our very own compost bin, well here it is! All it took was a 36" X 5' roll of chicken wire and a little wire to tie it together.  We just unrolled the chicken wire and tied the two ends together after shaping it to a circle.  Then my hubby dug a small area to place the bins and TADA we have a compost bin!  We have two of them so we can turn them without having to do much work, just flip flop the ingredients into the other bin.  It can't get much easier than that.  The cost of the project was only about $12 for the chicken wire.  This is the picture of my very first garden.  Now we live in Florida so I decided to plant my veggies a little early (I am very impatient) since it probably won't freeze down here.  Of course I just saw the weather report this morning and we're getting near freezing in the morning.  The garden took a little more time but it wasn't that bad.  Once again I ... [ Read More ]