The Game of LIFE

Game of LIFE

Want to know something funny?  I've never played the board game LIFE. We were a Monopoly family growing up and my brother and I never got LIFE.  This week while at camp my son played LIFE and pestered me all week that he needed this game.  My frugal mind said that we'd wait until right before Christmas when you can find it for $5 in the stores but he REALLY wanted this game.  So we shelled out 'almost' full retail price this weekend for him - dang that hurt!  Anyways to get to the point on my post I played LIFE for the first time last night. The Game of LIFE as played by an 8 year old After about 20 minutes reading over the rules (yes, I'm that dork - didn't want to miss anything) my son and I started playing LIFE.  At 8 years old he's lived enough LIFE himself that I thought it would be fun to see what choices he made for his own LIFE.  I won the opening spin and chose to take the same path that I took in my own LIFE and went to college.  He didn't even hesitate and chose the ... [ Read More ]

Eco-Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway #9

Giveaway Alert!  One lucky reader will win an I Cherish Planet Earth Book and Memory Game from Challenge & Fun.  ECO-ngratulations Jennifer T! Check your email! Challenge & Fun is a great online store that features eco-friendly gifts for babies and kids.  Since I normally write about the baby stuff I'm super excited when I get the opportunity to write about eco-friendly products for my older child.  I think he might get a little jealous with all the baby stuff!  I Cherish Planet Earth is a great eco-friendly book that teaches kids how to respect the Earth.  It comes with a matching game with images from the story.  This is a great gift for both preschool and elementary age children alike.  I think the classic memory was one of my sons first board games at about 3 yrs old and he stills enjoy playing it at almost 7 yrs old.  Website: Twitter: Facebook: ... [ Read More ]

EXTRA BONUS GIVEAWAY! Eco Buddies 6 Month Trial Membership


Extra Bonus Giveaway!  Win a free 6 month trial membership to  My son has been playing with this week and really enjoys his Buddy, the dragonfly, and playing games like bowling.  He's only 6 so we haven't introduced the chat feature with him yet, however EcoBuddies does moderate the site to ensure it is a safe place for kids. Gives Kids Opportunity to Support Baby Animals   Vancouver-based green virtual word for kids,, just revealed today that it will be starting the initiative ‘Buddies for Baby Animals Day’ where kids will have an opportunity every month to support an endangered animal of their choice.  On the 20th day of each month, EcoBuddies will be donating 10% of the revenue made from new membership purchases to an organization that supports a baby animal of their players’ choosing. Kids will vote which animal they would like to support on EcoBuddies’ official blogs Go Green with EcoBuddies and EcoBuddies ... [ Read More ]