New! FuzziBunz One-Size Small & One-Size Large Pocket Diapers {Review}

New FuzziBunz Diapers

What's old is new again!  FuzziBunz is back and better than ever!! Before I introduce you to their new one-size diapers, I thought it would be a good time to meet the new designer behind FuzziBunz's new look; Roy Couvillion.  When the new owners, CRG llc, purchased the intellectual property rights to the FuzziBunz brand back in 2013 they were inspired to redesign the diapers and morph them into the highest quality cloth diapers in the industry.  As a long-time product design engineer (and grandfather of nine), Roy was excited to design the new one-size diapers from the ground up.  With this, the new FuzziBunz One-Size diaper collection was born. The collection actually consists of two separate cloth diapers, the One-Size Small and the One-Size Large.  They are replacing the FuzziBunz Elite and I'm in love with the improvements he's made. You may be wondering, "Why 2 different sizes? How is that a 'one-size' diaper?"  Both of the sizes are intended to take a child from birth ... [ Read More ]

Fuzzibunz Rewards & Autism Speaks Campaign

FuzziBunz Rewards

There are lots of fun things going on at FuzziBunz these days. For starters have you seen the new Customer Rewards program yet?  On specially marked packages of FuzziBunz cloth diapers you'll find a golden reward sticker.  On each sticker is a code that you can redeem online for one of 1,500 prizes. Prizes include: High Efficiency washer & dryer Free lifetime supply (12) of FuzziBunz One-Size cloth diapers Free cloth diaper pails Free cloth diapers Free reusable wipes Authorized retailers of FuzziBunz will have these specially marked diapers in their stores - but if you happen to get an older package don't worry because you can request a sticker directly from FuzziBunz (click Customer Rewards above to be taken to the site). I don't know about you but I would love to win a new washer and dryer! Another great campaign that FuzziBunz has just started is in support of Autism Speaks, a national advocacy organization to raise awareness and research for Autism. ... [ Read More ]

FuzziBunz One-Size Hemp Cloth Diaper Review (and Giveaway)


Giveaway Alert! Win a FuzziBunz One-Sized Hemp Cloth Diaper by following the simple details at the bottom of this review.  CONGRATS KAREN with winning comment #549! Almost two years into our cloth diapering journey and I still haven't written aboutFuzziBunz until now.  We received one last spring, one at BlogHer in August (thanks Gina @ Feminist Breeder) and now our Fuzzi stash is up to three.  The FuzziBunz system is a great one-sized pocket diaper that uses the interior elastic to adjust the rise and waist to fit your baby perfectly.  This makes for a very smooth and trim look without tons of snaps cluttering up the front of the diaper.  The regular FuzziBunz comes with two microfiber inserts while the Hemp comes with one hemp insert (actually it's 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton).  There are advantages to choose the newest hemp variety.  Hemp is more absorbent than microfiber, more environmentally friendly, and has a natural anitmicrobial property.  Hemp is also trimmer ... [ Read More ]