Giving Diapers, Giving Hope Helps to Diaper Babies in Need

Giving Diapers, Giving Hope

I am in the minority - many Americans face the decision between diapers and food every day because they simply cannot afford both.  Like many Americans I tend to turn the other way and pretend like these problems don't affect me - but they do.  They may not affect me personally but they do affect my community and they do affect hundreds (probably millions) of Americans - some that I walk past every day.  That person in line next to me at Wal-Mart, or that child who attends school with my babes, or that family who is attending our church for the first time - or maybe it's you! There aren't many places that I decide to give my hard earned money to without questions.  I donate/tithe to our church community (almost) every week.  I donate to the Real Diaper Association once or twice a year.  And most recently I have donated both diapers and money to an organization that is helping to diaper families across America. This is my little helper carrying 2 boxes of diapers that we ... [ Read More ]

How Can I Recycle…


Giveaway alert! See bottom of post to enter to win a Go Green Trio from Litter Free Lunch. Giveaway ended. ECO-ngratulations mphin278. If I was a series type of blogger I would start a new series on 'How can I recycle...?'  But as you all know my regular columns don't EVER happen regularly!  LOL!  The question today is "How can I recycle sandwich bags and old plastic storage containers?" Kids across America have 2 choices at school these days.  1) Eat the cafeteria food (which my son actually enjoys), or 2) pack their lunch.  For kids (or parents) who opt to pack their lunches they can create about 67lbs of garbage each school yearfrom their lunchboxes alone!  Think about all those pre-packaged lunch kits, baggies, juice pouches, napkins, and plastic cutlery that they trash every day!  While some of these items might be recycleable most schools (at least where we are in FL) don't have established recycling programs in the cafeterias.  How many fundraisers does your kids school ... [ Read More ]