#MenofTheBabyIndustry Live Chat Nov 25th – Revealing the Secret Project


  About a month ago, Jen with Spray Pal approached me and a few of my friends about a project she was interested in putting together.  After a lot of private Facebook messages amongst ourselves, we decided to begin contacting some of the men in the baby industry. Kim (Dirty Diaper Laundry), Amanda (Green Child Magazine), Jen from Spray Pal, and myself coordinated to get some pretty amazing photographs of the men that were selected for this project.  Did someone say photographs of men? What kind of photographs?     Join us Tuesday night, November 25th as we reveal our first ever, Men of the Baby Industry calendar for 2015!!  If you've followed us around Instagram and Facebook you may have seen (and guessed) some of our hints and the brands that are part of this project.  You may see the men behind Planet Wise, AppleCheeks and bumGenius....and a few others we've kept secret...on the pages of the calendar.  Here's just a little teaser for you... Follow us ... [ Read More ]

My Friend Huggles – Mia and Lil B are BFF’s!

My Friend Huggles Forever Mark

My daughter has a new BFF, Mia.  Look at the smile on Lil' B's face as she met Mia for the first time.  She hugged her and hugged her all night long.  Mia is one of the new life-size (36" in height) character dolls from My Friend Huggles out of Canada.  Mia is one of 6 dolls in the set of dolls who are as unique as their names.  There is Lily, Kira, Sophia, Rubi, Bia, and Mia and they each have their own character trait that they represent.  Mia's special virtue is "honesty."   You can see on the special ribbon tag above that the virtue is explained for the child.  I love the line "Saying I'm sorry is being brave."  What a neat truth to teach to our children.  I made sure that I read over these the virtue tag with Lil' B and talked with her about what it meant to be honest.  We struggle with this one at 3.5 yrs old - she's always telling me "Brother hit me!" when he's in another room playing quietly all by himself. This last image is a picture of Mia's forever mark on her ... [ Read More ]

What’s on Your Fridge?

What's on Your Fridge?

  5 Things that are on my Fridge Today 1. #1 Dad magnet that the boy got for hubs a few Christmases ago. At their annual Holiday Store at the school this is what he purchased for his dad.  This was the only gift he picked up for dad.  I on the other hand received 2-3 really 'nice' gifts from the same holiday shop.  It's an ongoing joke in our house.  We all know he's a mama's boy! 2. 2010 Tampa Bay Bucs calendar. Yep - we're a little behind! 3. 2011-12 School Calendar from the boys school. They print one for each parent with all the holidays listed.  I would be lost without this. 4.  Tee-ball team picture from the first year the boy played ball. My husband was one of the coaches and I don't think either of us can bear taking it down - the co-coach passed away 2 years later.  He was in his mid-30's and left behind a his wife and two young children. 5. Georgia Bulldawg magnet! Go Dawgs! This post was inspired by Kim, Dirty Diaper Laundry blog, and a conversation a few of ... [ Read More ]

Wordless Wednesday – Halloween (in Real Life)


These are my babies!  OK, only the two on the left are my real kids (worker man and China doll).  The others are my best friends' children...but I call them my own!  The first time we took this photo there were only 3 of them and they were only 3 yrs old! In an effort to stay eco-friendly both of my kids got to pick their costume from their large stash of dress up clothes.  This is what he choose.  He collected candy in his box. My 'real life' friends!  We've been friends for 5-6 years since I moved to the area.  I love my gals!  (I'm the one in the white shirt - my son called me an eco-witch.)  My 'costume' (if you can call it that) was stolen from my kids dress up box.  I'm wearing his Darth Vadar cape, her witch hat, and you can't see it but I have a green extension in (stolen from the Rockin' Green gals at the ABC Expo.) So there you have it, a glimpse into my real life outside of my computer.  This is where I try to keep myself grounded and remind myself about what really ... [ Read More ]

Wordless Wednesday

Haute Green Box Nightmare

Yes, it's been almost 2 weeks since BlogHer but I'm still pretending like my virtual friends and I are still hanging out, laughing, and having a fabulous time in San Diego.  Here are a few more pictures I found on my iPhone today.   ... [ Read More ]

Guest Post – The Other Side Series

The Other Side Logo

GUEST POST:  Please welcome my BFF Mama M as she presents "The Other Side.'  She promised me that she would send me more posts and if you like her introduction let her know that you'd like to hear more.    The Other Side - Part One (Introduction)  Hello! I'm really excited to have this opportunity that The Eco Chicis giving me to guest post on her blog. I love reading her blogs and posts on Facebook. She often gives me a new way to think about the way I do things; how I live my life and what I can do better.   Just a few quick things:   1. For disclosure purposes, I am The Eco Chic's BFF. Most of the time, we agree on things but there are issues that we could not be further apart on. She promised not to edit. We'll see if she publishes some of my thoughts about her passions.   2. I'm not a blogger or a writer. I have a secret blog for venting and it's full of typos and run-on sentences. I will try to use proper grammar and actual sentences when I guest post.   3. These are ... [ Read More ]

Meet Kelly Wels – Owner of DiaperShops.com


During my long weekend in NYC for BlogHer I had the opportunity to bond with one very awesome lady - Mrs. Kelly Wels- the owner of DiaperShops.com, Kelly's Closet and The Cloth Diaper Whisperer (stop laughing Mel and Cindy - my besties IRL who giggle at me and my online life).  I made plans ahead of time to meet up with Kelly for multiple reasons - primarily because I didn't really know a lot of other blogger's and neither did she.  Kelly has always been willing to work with me on both of my blogs and with multiple projects related to cloth diapering and I was super excited to finally meet her in real life.  What I didn't expect was to come home with such a wonderful new friend. Kelly is married and has three adorable little kids ages 12, 10, and 2.  Her oldest (Olivia - 12) helps out in the warehouse and is learning the business quite well.  When asked if she was done having kids the response was "I don't know!"  She purely loves being a mother and raising her kids - in cloth ... [ Read More ]

What BlogHer Meant to Me – Part 1


It's Saturday afternoon and one little one is napping while the other one is playing on his laptop - and I can sneak back into my BlogHer memories long enough to write Part 1 (there will be several parts - but I promise there is a lesson for you in each one).  Today's lesson is taking the first step. I arrived in NYC on a plane all by myself with no plan on how to get to the hotel.  I had seen tweets all morning saying people were arriving and looking to share rides so I thought I would try it out.  I tweeted hopeful of finding someone to share a ride with - and to my surprise I found @DebMomof3 who was already at LGA and waiting on @ConnieFoggles to arrive.  Ironically @ConnieFoggles was on my plane from TPA - what a small world!  I had never met either of these women and didn't even follow them on Twitter yet.  After mechanical problems we finally deplaned from the rear of the plane and found each other at baggage claim.  We chatted and learned a little about each other as we ... [ Read More ]


Every morning (afternoon and evening too) I flip through blog after blog looking to see what's new in the world.  Looking to connect - looking for find people with similar interests.  One of my favorites recently has been tout-est-des-roses.  Sara Sophia and I met on Twitter and her writing is so beautiful - so poetic.  You know me - I'm not really a writer - I just blog! Anyways - please go read her post from today "Crazy Hippie" and see why she is one of my favorite reads!  Her words have set the course for my day.    "Like my gramma always said, pretty is as pretty does." - tout-est-des-roses ... [ Read More ]