What’s on Your Fridge?

What's on Your Fridge?

  5 Things that are on my Fridge Today 1. #1 Dad magnet that the boy got for hubs a few Christmases ago. At their annual Holiday Store at the school this is what he purchased for his dad.  This was the only gift he picked up for dad.  I on the other hand received 2-3 really 'nice' gifts from the same holiday shop.  It's an ongoing joke in our house.  We all know he's a mama's boy! 2. 2010 Tampa Bay Bucs calendar. Yep - we're a little behind! 3. 2011-12 School Calendar from the boys school. They print one for each parent with all the holidays listed.  I would be lost without this. 4.  Tee-ball team picture from the first year the boy played ball. My husband was one of the coaches and I don't think either of us can bear taking it down - the co-coach passed away 2 years later.  He was in his mid-30's and left behind a his wife and two young children. 5. Georgia Bulldawg magnet! Go Dawgs! This post was inspired by Kim, Dirty Diaper Laundry blog, and a conversation a few of ... [ Read More ]