Why Does Organic Cost More?

Ever wondered why organic produce costs more than its chemical-laden counterparts? If growing organic means less pesticides, less growth-enhancing fertilizers, and less technological interventions, then why do we pay more at the check-out line? The reasons for this sad fact come by the bushel.   First off, because the farmers do not use synthetic insecticides, organic crops produce a lower yield. Labor costs rise as farmers must manually tend to their crops by weeding and using organic pest control. Without these chemicals, the crops also experience a shorter (albeit more natural) growing season. Without the use of chemical fertilizers, organic farmers use more traditional farming methods such as animal manure and compost to fertilize their crops. These natural methods are unfortunately bulkier and cost more to transport. Organic farmers also typically rotate their crops to promote soil health and sustainability. While this is advantageous to the health of the consumer ... [ Read More ]

Plum Organics Super Puffs Can Tame Tantrums

Plum Organics

Every afternoon when my daughter gets home from day care she's incredibly hungry and crabby!  She just turned two and just started day care so we're still trying to find our afternoon groove.  The tantrums can be extreme but I've found that if I offer her a snack while I finish preparing dinner she'll calm down.  We received a sample of the new Plum Organics Super Puffs and I was happy that she was still interested in this type of 'baby' food.  She's always been a Plum Baby and Plum Tot fan and loves their Mish Mash pouches - she'll drink them 2-3 times a day if I let her.  What's so special about the Super Puffs?  they are USDA organic ingredients they are made with whole grains they are made with cane syrups there are NO HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) in the ingredients As a mom I can feel good about giving my kids a handful of Super Puffs without feeling the guilt associated with other snacks.  They come in 5 vibrant flavors and color combination.  Their tag line ... [ Read More ]

Square One (Pumpkin) Mac-n-Cheese Recipe

A few weeks ago I shared a recipe that I spiked with Square One frozen organic baby food, Healthier for you Potato and Ham Soup.  Wednesday nights at our house (OK - every night) is hectic with trying to figure out what's for dinner.  Each Wednesday we attend a small life-group at our local church but it starts at dinner time.  The adults do potluck style and eat together but we normally feed the kids before we come.  Anyways - that leaves me finding something QUICK to fix the kids before we leave.  If your pantry looks like mine I'm sure you have those 'emergency' boxes of mac-n-cheese for busy nights like tonight.  I've really been trying harder this year to make an effort to make dinner more healthy for all of us but especially for the kids.  Want to know how I made a box of mac-n-cheese healthier with baby food?   My recipe for Vegged Up Mac-N-Cheese: 1. Take one box of your favorite mac-n-cheese (can be organic, whole wheat, Kraft, or store brand - whatever you purchase) ... [ Read More ]

You Are What You Eat


This post is going to be hard for me to write because it's one area in my life where I'm still learning - eating green.  What does it mean to eat GREEN?  Does it mean eating locally?  Does it mean to eat organic?  Does it mean that I have to be a vegetarian?  Do I have to shop at a natural food store?  Do I have to eat raw food?  Do I have to eat only fresh food? Eating green is actually all of those things - and you may incorporate some or all of the aspects of eating green - I don't believe that there is a right or wrong way to eat green.  My history- I come from a family who likes food, a lot!  I can remember many family reunions with everyone huddled in the kitchen cooking for hours, making more food then we could eat in a week.  My fraternal grandmother was a tiny frail lady who knew how to cook - she didn't have a choice with 5 hungry kids and a husband.  My favorite family memories as a child involve turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, gravy, gravy, gravy, and ... [ Read More ]

Salmon Fishing Season Cancelled


Well one little known fact about the Eco Chic; I love salmon!  My husband is not as big of a fan but he will endure a meal every so often to please me.  My son usually enjoys it unless he's in his pickey food mood.  With this year being a journey of ways we can reduce our personal impact I've been secretly reducing the amount of red meat we eat each week.  (The secret is out now because hubby reads this.)  It's a health reason more than an environmental reason but I always think about the environment when I'm grocery shopping.  Lately I have been paying attention to where our seafood is from.  It's a shame that I have to pay $12/lb for local shrimp when I can spend $5/lb for the shrimp that is frozen and transported from who knows where.  Money usually is the determining factor when we make those decisions though.  I was just reading on Yahoo Green that the Pacific Fishery Management Council has banned all commercial and recreational fishing of Chinook Salmon (aka King Salmon).  We ... [ Read More ]

Video on Cheeseburger Footprint

I know I've talked about the carbon footprint of the cheeseburger before but I wanted to share this video. It's really interesting to see all of the different carbon sources just from one of the items we eat on a regular basis. I still haven't watched Six Degrees yet but I have it on my TiVo just waiting for a slow day at work or a night where I can't sleep. I'm excited to see it. ... [ Read More ]