Moon Set

I've watched many sunrises and sunsets but I can honestly say that I experienced my first 'moon set' while on vacation. Shortly after takeoff I looked out the plane window and noticed the most beautiful full moon over the water.  The reflexion was a pale red on the water and the sky was dark.  Noting else was visible. To my right side I could see the sun rising through the clouds.  The colors were pale orange, pink, purple, and blue. I shifted my eyes back to the moon which looked bigger and brighter than it had before.  As time passed the sky shifted from black to navy as the moon slowly lowered in the sky.  A few moments later the moon changed colors from bright white to an intense ball of fire.  The intensity grew stronger as the sun rose on the other side of the plane. Then slowly and softly the moon sunk lower and lower in the sky until it was barely visible in the dawn sky. ...and then the sun rose and the moon set. I love watching the world from the plane ... [ Read More ]

Earth Hour Comments

Wow, my comments on my last post were...HARSH!  I decided to leave the comments because they do have some validation to them; they are honest comments!  HOWEVER...if you looked at the time of the post you will see that I was at home when the clock struck 8pm!  Wasn't that the whole point; to make a statement at one specific time? As for the environmental impact of is a huge problem.  However, I don't really think my work would understand if I said I NEVER wanted to fly again.  Sometimes you don't really have a choice.  So for my negative commenters (if they ever choose to read my blog again)...what exactly would you have done if your job required you to fly?  It doesn't change my opinions and feelings on protecting the environment.  It doesn't change my opinions on oil.  I really don't see it as being a hypocrite...would you really like me to look into your life?  I don't claim to be a perfect environmental steward.  If you read ABOUT ME you will see I'm taking ... [ Read More ]