Rolled Newspaper Flower Upcycled Craft #freefromtrash

Rolled Newspaper Flower #freefromtrash

Does anyone still READ the newspaper?  The only reason we still get the (Sunday) paper is to get coupons.  I've used the old paper for wrapping paper, to make bows, for packaging material, and for crafts.  I usually end up using it to protect the table when the kids are crafting.  Today I decided to tackle the rolled flower! I've seen rolled paper flowers all over Pinterest but I've never tried it before today.  You can make them using any type of paper but I think they look beautiful with newsprint. Supplies: Newspaper Scissors Pen Glue Directions: Start with a square of newspaper (any size will do).  Loosely draw a spiral shape in the square.  The more loose the drawing the more random your rose will look.  Starting at one end of the spiral cut until you get to the middle of the paper.  Leave the paper attached like a long spiral strip. Beginning at the outer edge of the paper tightly roll the paper until you get to the middle.  It won't be perfect, just ... [ Read More ]