Flats Challenge – the Finale

Want to know how the rest of my week of the flat's challenge went? I CAVED!  On Thursday life was just getting very hectic and I caved and used the washer.  Then accepting defeat I started using some of our regular stash again.  *hides head in shame* I had one super nasty poopy flat, I was out late with friends celebrating their children's bridging to Brownies, and I was getting the house ready to welcome my husband home from China.  I've never done the 'single mom' thing for more than a day (hubby does it all the time when I travel for work) and I was just exhausted.  He was gone for 9 days on a volunteer project with Habitat for Humanity leaving me in charge of the nest.  I decided that I wanted to welcome him home with a big Memorial Day Party with our friends.  That left me to clean the pool and whip the house back into 'visitor' shape. Do I consider my challenge a failure?  Hell no!  I learned so much that I would have never experienced otherwise. I learned that I ... [ Read More ]

Overnight (or heavy wetter) Flats Solutions

Hemp Babies

Today was the first day in a week that we woke up with a leak!  EEEK!  My tot insists on going pee pee on the potty every night before bed and last night she sat, and sat, and sat but never peed.  When she woke up this morning she said, "Mommy my bankie wet."  I knew what had happened obviously.  We used a single pad folded flat (birdseye cotton) inside a Flip and it just couldn't hold a full nights worth of toddler pee. Tips for Overnights (or Heavy Wetters) When Using Flat Cloth Diapers Double up the layers by using two flat diapers before you fold and place in your cover. Add your favorite insert inside a pad folded flat to increase the absorbency. Use a hemp flat like Hemp Babies (alone or with an extra insert). Use a fleece or wool cover that will catch any leaks and keep them contained. Tonight we are trying our Flip cover with a pad folded Hemp Babies.  Here are my pictures (just excuse the bad lighting and poor iPhone quality - my camera is out of town at the ... [ Read More ]

Q&A About Washing Cloth Diapers by Hand

Today is Day 3 of the Flats & Handwashing Challenge and I've learned a lot over the past few days.  I've had some questions submitted to me that I'd like to answer for you regarding washing diapers by hand.  If you have a question that I haven't answered please leave your question in the comments and I'll be happy to answer them. Q&A About Washing Cloth Diapers by Hand Q: In real life when would you need to wash cloth diapers by hand? A:  While most of us have the luxury of owning our own washer and dryer many people in America still don't have easy access to laundry facilities. Apartments and rental properties, Homeless, Short term housing Emergency shelters Group housing Loss of power Broken washer or dryer Natural disasters Camping Traveling (hotels, cruise ships, and remote locations) Q:  I've tried hand washing our diapers but find stains are harder to get out by hand; do you have any tips on handling stains? A:  For starters especially ... [ Read More ]

Cloth Diapers, #FlatsChallenge, Potty Training, Shari Criso, and a hand washing meltdown!

So here is my stream of thoughts inside my head for the night because it's 11:20pm and I'm exhausted!  Today started out just like any other day... I drop the kids off at school in the morning and come home to work.  I was actually quite productive today and attended to a ton of projects on my plate.  I had decided to meet some of my girlfriends for dinner tonight with the kids to get a much needed mommy break.  Daddies hours this week haven't been very favorable so some mommy time was needed. Picked up my son and then my daughter and we were off to dinner.  Except when I picked up the littlest angel she was wearing school clothes and someone else's shoes because we had a horrible day of potty training.  I left her with 3 changes of clothes, 3 pairs of panties, and 3 diapers - she went through all of the clothes and panties and one diaper. The first thing I noticed was the pad folded flat was sticking out from the back of the flip cover.  I guess the teachers are just that ... [ Read More ]

How to Hand Wash Flat Cloth Diapers

Hand washing supplies

As a follow up to yesterday's How to Cloth Diaper Your Baby for $50 here is a brief tutorial on how to hand wash flat cloth diapers.  The point of this exercise is to show that even if you don't have access to laundry facilities that you can still cloth diaper your baby.  Keep in mind that my child is 29 months now and we are working on potty training so we only use 5-8 diapers on a bad day.  Today I sent her to day care in an birdseye flat (pad folded) and a flip cover because she refused to put on her big girl panties for me.  We're still using diapers at nap at night-time but at school they are using big girl panties and/or training pants.  For the sake of the exercise I'm including any wet/soiled clothes from school in our hand wash challenge. Today we ended up using: 3 flat diapers, 3 diaper covers, 1 pair of panties, 1 training pant, 1 wipe (disposable at day care), and 1 pair of shorts.  These all needed to be washed before I went to bed so we'd have a fresh clean stash in ... [ Read More ]

How to Cloth Diaper Your Baby for only $50

How to cloth diaper your baby for only $50 from birth to potty training. Can you really diaper a baby for only $50?  YES!  It may not be the most convenient method or the most hip and modern way to cloth diaper but if you are limited on funds you can cloth diaper your baby from birth to potty training for only $50-70 (depending on how many accessories you buy).  Not only will this tutorial give you a list of diapering supplies it will also include supplies needed to hand wash your diapers. Supplies: 12-24 flat diapers (average price $1 each for flour sack towels available at your local WalMart and other retail stores) 5 diaper covers (average price $5-9 each - Bummis Whisper Pant sells for $5; Econobum diaper covers sell for $8.95) 5-10 reusable wipes or wash clothes (average price $3-10 pack) Laundry detergent ($5 for a 32 load bottle of Arm & Hammer Essentials) Plunger ($1-5 depending on how fancy you get) Snappi diaper fastener or old fashioned diaper pins ... [ Read More ]