2nd Annual Flats & Handwashing Challenge with Dirty Diaper Laundry

Flats and Handwashing Challenge

Are you a low income family? Have you ever had to choose between diapers and food?  Did you know that you could be using reusable cloth diapers instead of disposables?  You can diaper your baby for $50 or less (maybe even free if you're resourceful) until they are potty trained!  You can handwash your diapers safely and effectively at home if you don't have a washing machine.  You can save your money for more important items (like food and shelter) and know that your baby can still have clean diapers every day! Last year Kim with Dirty Diaper Laundry organized the first flats and handwashing challenge to help educate and raise awareness of cloth diapering and to show that it really is possible to use cloth diapers with limited resources.  I am so happy to hear that Kim is holding the challenge again this year.  I personally learned so much with this challenge and it opened my eyes to the challenges that low income families face when cloth diapering.  It also gave me confidence that ... [ Read More ]

Scared of the Snappi – #Flatschallenge


How am I preparing for the flats challenge? I've been integrating our flats into our diaper rotation for a few weeks now but I have to admit I'm quite a lazy flats folder - I usually stick with the pad fold because I can't remember how to do the others (origami or kite fold) without referring back to a diagram or video.  We have a brand new Snappi fastener that's been sitting on our changing table for about a week and Lil' B keeps playing with the package wanting to know what it is.  So tonight after bathtime I decided I was going to try my hand at the origami fold.  I've practiced before but can never remember how to begin - so off to visit Dirty Diaper Laundry on my iphone. I get it folded in about 30 seconds, place it under her bum, and reach for the Snappi.  That is when my little girl expressed her fear of the Snappi - she freaked out! "No mommy! I don't want that!" She squirmed for about 5 minutes while I tried to reason with a 2 year old that this is how the diaper ... [ Read More ]