Flats Challenge 2012

Are you participating in the flats challenge this year?  Have you been following the great blogs posting their experiences?  What is the Flat's Challenge? Kim Rosas (Dirty Diaper Laundry blog) has organized an amazing event this year with over 490 participants signed up to use flat cloth diapers, covers, and hand wash for 7 days. Each day there is a blog prompt to let bloggers who are participating share their thoughts.  Take some time and click through all the links because some of the tips are really great! Below is a list of these blog prompts and a link to Kim's posts and link to the other blogs. Monday- “What Do I Expect to Learn/ Why I’m Taking the Challenge” Tuesday-“What Supplies I am Using” Wednesday-“Favorite Way To Use Flats” Thursday-“How I’m Doing- My Thoughts on Handwashing” Friday-“What Tips I have Learned So Far” Saturday- Open Topic Day Sunday-“Final Post- Reflections on What You Learned.” I'm actually sad that I don't get to participate this ... [ Read More ]

Flats Challenge – the Finale

Want to know how the rest of my week of the flat's challenge went? I CAVED!  On Thursday life was just getting very hectic and I caved and used the washer.  Then accepting defeat I started using some of our regular stash again.  *hides head in shame* I had one super nasty poopy flat, I was out late with friends celebrating their children's bridging to Brownies, and I was getting the house ready to welcome my husband home from China.  I've never done the 'single mom' thing for more than a day (hubby does it all the time when I travel for work) and I was just exhausted.  He was gone for 9 days on a volunteer project with Habitat for Humanity leaving me in charge of the nest.  I decided that I wanted to welcome him home with a big Memorial Day Party with our friends.  That left me to clean the pool and whip the house back into 'visitor' shape. Do I consider my challenge a failure?  Hell no!  I learned so much that I would have never experienced otherwise. I learned that I ... [ Read More ]

Guest Post: Cloth diapering is an Adventure

Guest Post by Alicia whom I found through a comment on Facebook.  Thanks Alicia for your words and for sticking with cloth diapering even when it wasn't the most convenient of options.  XOXO - Calley Most users refer to cloth diapering as an “adventure”. It certainly is a process of learning, adapting and educating. You must explore your values and why you chose to ditch disposables. As your baby grows and his patterns change you must adapt the way you diaper, just as parenting styles develop with your baby. Cloth-toting moms love talking about diapers!  Educating others about the benefits and ease of use is the best way to convert other families to this earth and baby-friendly way of life. My husband and I live in an apartment with our two-year old son, Joey. We use the laundry mat in town to clean diapers.  Using a diaper sprayer, we rinse them REALLY well so we can wash only once a week. It is recommended to wash every three days, but at $2.00 a load we wait until all the ... [ Read More ]