#Febphotoaday Challenge on Instagram with @FatMumSlim


I don't do well at challenges so I'm challenging myself to do more challenges!  Last month (#JanPhotoaDay) I started a few days late and failed miserably at the end.  It's a new month and a new chance for me to actually finish something I started...we'll see how it works out! What is #FebPhotoADay?  You can read all about it on the Fat Mum Slim blog. To follow my photo stream on Instagram simply like me on Twitter @TheEcoChic and watch for my #FebPhotoaDay post.  If you are already on Instagram be sure to "Follow Me" there.  Beware - I have an iPhone 3gS and my pics aren't always the greatest quality - still holding out for the iPhone 5 (if and when that ever happens)!! Here is a sneak peek at my Day 1: Your view today I'd tell you what this is but that would ruin the surprise later in the month!  Any guesses? ... [ Read More ]