Happy Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving friends!  I hope and pray that you all have a fabulous day with family and friends. Me?  I'll have a quiet day with my kids while my husband works in the morning.  Then we'll have a quiet Thanksgiving dinner with just the 4 of us.  No huge meal plans, no fancy table settings, no friends or extended family - just the 4 of us!  I may not even clean my house for dinner and try to enjoy the day playing with my kids.  The weather is so gorgeous still in Florida that I'm sure we'll be outside most of the day. Tonight I made the first part of our little Thanksgiving meal, my dads Frozen Cranberry Salad (a yummy dessert). Ingredients: Container of sour cream (Small or large depends on how many you are feeding) Whole cranberry sauce - 1 can Crushed pineapples, drained - 1 can Mini-marshmallows - about 1-2 cups (again depending on how many you are feeding) Handful of chopped pecans Directions: In a freezer safe dish or pan mix all of the ... [ Read More ]

Wordless Wednesday – Halloween (in Real Life)


These are my babies!  OK, only the two on the left are my real kids (worker man and China doll).  The others are my best friends' children...but I call them my own!  The first time we took this photo there were only 3 of them and they were only 3 yrs old! In an effort to stay eco-friendly both of my kids got to pick their costume from their large stash of dress up clothes.  This is what he choose.  He collected candy in his box. My 'real life' friends!  We've been friends for 5-6 years since I moved to the area.  I love my gals!  (I'm the one in the white shirt - my son called me an eco-witch.)  My 'costume' (if you can call it that) was stolen from my kids dress up box.  I'm wearing his Darth Vadar cape, her witch hat, and you can't see it but I have a green extension in (stolen from the Rockin' Green gals at the ABC Expo.) So there you have it, a glimpse into my real life outside of my computer.  This is where I try to keep myself grounded and remind myself about what really ... [ Read More ]

September in Florida

Front Flip?

It's hard to believe that it's actually September but today it finally felt like it!  We had a high of 83 degrees which for Florida feels like HEAVEN!  During the summer months we don't spend much time outdoors unless we are surrounded by water (pool, beach, anything wet will do).  Here is how we spent our evening tonight after dinner. How did you spend your evening?  Did you have nice weather? P.S. What's missing in these photos?  (Besides daddy - he was hanging out with us too.) ... [ Read More ]

A Day in Pictures – BlogHer ’11

View from Hotel

It's way too early for iPhone photos but here are my best friend and I on the plane at 6am ET. View from our room at BlogHer '11.  Marriott Marquis & Marina - San Diego The packages that arrived from our #HauteGreen Sponsors The fish taco restaurant that it took us an hour to reach on public transportation because our stop was closed for construction. The shrimp and tuna tacos were worth the trip! Did you know I love baseball?  Enjoying  a Padres (v Dodgers) game with my hubby! I'm only awake because of the Starbucks I had before we got there but this is us after a day of traveling. The Gaslamp District - across from the Convention Center & Hotel. And that is how we spent day 1 (arrival day) in San Diego for BlogHer.  I'm sure I won't see my hubby much after this afternoon once I find all my blogger friends so it was nice to have a day with him and our friends before the madness begins.  I got a pretty good amount of sleep but I still woke up at 6am PST so ... [ Read More ]

The Game of LIFE

Game of LIFE

Want to know something funny?  I've never played the board game LIFE. We were a Monopoly family growing up and my brother and I never got LIFE.  This week while at camp my son played LIFE and pestered me all week that he needed this game.  My frugal mind said that we'd wait until right before Christmas when you can find it for $5 in the stores but he REALLY wanted this game.  So we shelled out 'almost' full retail price this weekend for him - dang that hurt!  Anyways to get to the point on my post I played LIFE for the first time last night. The Game of LIFE as played by an 8 year old After about 20 minutes reading over the rules (yes, I'm that dork - didn't want to miss anything) my son and I started playing LIFE.  At 8 years old he's lived enough LIFE himself that I thought it would be fun to see what choices he made for his own LIFE.  I won the opening spin and chose to take the same path that I took in my own LIFE and went to college.  He didn't even hesitate and chose the ... [ Read More ]

Tiny Prints & Christmas Cards


Every year our family gathers together to take some photos that we'll use on our Christmas cards.  I'm usually a last minute person and don't get them done until long after Thanksgiving has past.  This year I was provided an opportunity to use tiny prints to order our Christmas cards as part of a blog partnership.  I've seen their ad in magazines and drooled over their stylish cards for years but like I said I usually run out of time.  With a little incentive from tiny prints I dressed my kids up in their Sunday best and after church one Sunday we stayed on the grounds and took some photos. I like to pretend that I have some photography skills and I usually end up with a few photos that look really nice.  Out of about 50 pictures I found a few that I loved and decided to play around with PhotoShop.  I'm still learning that too.  Finally I sat down one evening and started looking through the thousands (yes, really - over 2,000 designs) of card styles that tiny prints offers.  I ... [ Read More ]

What Matters Most to You?


I'm really trying this year to not get carried away with all the commercialism of the season.  I've realized this year that my son takes a lot of things for granted because he's never 'needed' anything that he hasn't gotten.  It's not an easy thing but we're working on giving from the heart.  I mentioned a few days ago how I am trying to give my son something from the heart each day for Advent.  Special time with me is something that I'm sure he will remember and value when he is older.  So far we've made rice crispy treats together, we've decorated our tree together, and a few other things.  Tonight I treated my kids to another special family night. The weather in FL was fabulous so I decided to pick up McDonald's and take the kids to the beach after school.  I had forgotten how early the sunsets this time of year so we only had 20 minutes before we were asked to leave the park (we went to our favorite State Park beach) because it was closing.  It was ok though, the weather on ... [ Read More ]

Advent Day 3 Family Time

I wish it wasn't almost midnight and that I had actually taken some pictures of our evening.  If you read my recent post about Eco-Advent Calendars you remember that I am taking a cue from a friend of mine and doing something fun with my family each night.  It's Day 3 and I just started!  Tonight we went searching for a new Christmas tree.  We were all over the place this year but I knew I wanted something new (real, fake, palm, or pine).  We ended up settling on a new fake tree.  I know there is so much eco-ntroversy over which is better for the environment but at $88 this tree will last us another 10 years!  We are finally retiring our original tree from when we first moved in together.  I think 10 years is good for the environment don't you?  And it's not trashed...it will go to a good home where it can get a second life.  Anyways...we brought our tree home only to realize we bought the wrong one! Boo!  Thankfully hubby ran quickly back to the store to exchange it.  In the ... [ Read More ]


Hello?  Hello?  Is anyone out there?  Oh wait, you are probably saying..."Where is The Eco Chic?  I haven't seen anything new from her in a while!!"  Never fear my friends...I am still here!  As usual life has gotten in the way of blogging.  When my friends tell me that the feel neglected and in second place over the Internet I start to take the hint.  (I do listen.)  My family suffers from my addiction at times too.  It's rare to find a night at the Eco-House where my nose isn't buried into my computer as soon as the kids are snoozing away!  My dear sweet husband is sitting on one end of the sofa playing Vampires or Mafia Wars on his iPhone and I'm on the other end blogging or tweeting!  Really, it is a sad life we live.  Add in a few visits out of town and I'm actually starting to miss my little escapes to the blogosphere!  You know exactly what I'm talking about.  There is something much more pressing and important that you need to be doing right now than reading my ... [ Read More ]

Top 10 Reasons I am Excited to Stay Home with My Family this Coming Weekend

OK ladies and gentlemen!  Help a fellow blogger and friend win $100 from Cozi!  All you have to do is leave me a comment!  The one with the most comments WINS!  So if you are reading this leave a comment below! 1.  I haven't seen my oldest (6yrs) in over a week and he comes home TOMORROW!!!! 2.  I get to go talk to a friend about commissioning me to do a mural in her new day care center! 3.  I get to spend some quality time with my friends at PHCC tonight for Spaghetti Dinner! 4.  I live in FL...who ever wants to leave FL for Chicago?  Or any other place? 5.  I've been traveling with work so much that I enjoy my quiet relaxing days at home. 6.  If I were at BlogHer I would miss my Big B, Lil' B, Hubby and Kitty too much!  I leave them enough (see #5) the rest of the year! 7.  I need to catch up on some blog contests and giveaways of my own!  8.  Did I mention I live in Florida and the sun will be shining all weekend?  The pool and beach are calling my ... [ Read More ]