The Candy Crush Curse

Candy Crush Curse

Look familiar?  That ONE lone jelly just sitting their taunting you on Candy Crush!  What, you don't play Candy Crush? If you're on Facebook you've probably received those "requests" we all hate to play your stupid game or donate lives so you can get to the next level.  I've seen them for months and resisted the temptation to download another time suck game to my iPhone.  I have no idea what made me take the leap a few days ago and see what all the addiction was about - but I did - and no you may never see me blog again!  Remember that feeling you got when you first jumped on Pinterest and pinned beautiful pictures of crafts you'll never made for HOURS at a time?  Yeah, that's how I feel about Candy Crush today. It starts out so innocently as you easily complete the first few levels.  You're sitting at your sons karate class clearing level after level until this happens.... ...just like that time you ran out of your favorite ice cream at midnight after the stores are closed - ... [ Read More ]

Love Your Mother Earth Promotion and Giveaway

Love Your Mother Earth Sweepstakes @TheEcoChic

In honor of Earth Day (April 22nd) I'd like to spoil my readers and fans with some gifts from a few of my sponsors.  Each one of my sponsors for this giveaway has made a commitment to Love Your Mother Earth by creating eco-friendly products for you and your family. How do you enter?  Visit The Eco Chic on Facebook and follow the steps.  It just takes a minute.  You can earn bonus entries for each "Like" that you give to my sponsors and for getting your friends to enter the giveaway.  Direct link to giveaway: Who are the sponsors?  To start with we have gDiapers, Tushie Ties cloth diapers, AXL Brand baby clothing, and Kelly's Closet.  More sponsors will be added as the sweepstakes continues.  Please be sure to stop by and tell them "Thanks!" What can you win?  Over $100 worth of eco-friendly products from our sponsors and more prizes to be added. From gDiapers: one global love gPants ($21.99 value) and one package of biodegradable* disposable ... [ Read More ]

Eco-Fantastic Fan Celebration & Giveaway!

Mommy Doodles Design

Eco-Fantastic Fan Celebration with The Eco Chic! We're only 4 days into 2012 and it's been a great year so far!  In addition to my Lil' B turning 3, I reached a new goal on Facebook with over 3,000 fans this week.  In honor of all the fun I thought it was only appropriate to hold a celebration of sorts!  I reached out to some of my favorite sponsors, companies and friends and they leaped at the opportunity to spoil you. Starting today I'm holding an Eco-Fantastic Fan Celebration Sweepstakes on Facebook.  Included in the sweepstakes are lots of eco-friendly, cloth diapering, and blogger inspired goodies that I will be giving away to ten lucky fans.  You can enter the Sweepstakes once each day per Facebook account and can earn extra entries into the sweepstakes by "Liking" our fantastic sponsors pages and by sharing the sweepstakes with your friends (you actually earn one extra entry for each friend who you personally get to enter!). Let's talk about the prizes:  One ... [ Read More ]

Happy 3rd Birthday Lil’ B

The Eco Chic Kids

How is it possible that my Lil' B is actually turning THREE years old tomorrow? Just a few minutes after we introduced him to his baby sister for the first time. January 2009 First photo in a cloth diaper!  bumGenius 3.0 - February 2009 January 2010 - 1st Birthday Yes, I made the tutto to match the top. January 2011 - 2nd Birthday Last picture as I kissed my tot goodnight on the eve of her 3rd birthday! (Photographic evidence that mommy needs a new iPhone with flash!  Oh, and yes - she does have a fat lip from the weekend just in time for birthday photos!) Happy Birthday Lil' B! You'll always be my little baby! Remember how we said goodnight when she turned two?  We officially gave up the boob (breastfeeding)!  She never looked back but she does still remember that milk came from mommies boobies.  She'll be happy to tell you all about it if you ask her. ***** OK - I'm going to go shed a few tears as I look through more photos.  Oh, and I have a big surprise ... [ Read More ]

BabyKicks 3g – Name that color!!!


I've always been a big fan of the BabyKicks line of cloth diapers.  I tried their Bumboo diaper over a year ago and it's still a regular in our rotation.  Since then I've also added the updated 3g diaper in Chocoholic Pink Love (a Kelly's Closet exclusive color).  The 3g took the already wonderful Bumboo and made it even better. The 3g has a slightly wider waist and a longer one-size hemp insert.  In addition they added some fabulous new colors to the collection last year including Azure, Meadow, and Poppy.  Late last week BabyKicks released their newest color....a nameless orange 3g. Nameless?  Orange? Yes, that's right!!  They have a new color that they will be releasing very soon but they need your help in naming this fabulous addition.  Visit them on Facebook and suggest a name for the new orange color (let them know The Eco Chic sent you).  For every 50 people who leaves a suggestion BabyKicks will be giving away one free diaper - in orange of course!!! So head over to ... [ Read More ]

“Follow Us” Giveaway – Sponsored by Knickernappies

Would you like to win a Knickernappies Custom Fit (sized) cloth diaper in your choice of color and size? Did it take you less than 30 seconds to scream "YES!!!" Because I'm a little obsessed with numbers I decided to hold a little giveaway (YES, THIS GIVEAWAY IS STILL OPEN!!! GO ENTER!!) to entice you to spread the word and tell your friends about The Eco Chic and Knickernappies.  Here are the facts (in numbers): <updated 2/22/11> Knickernappies on Facebook: 2,815 2,895 people 'Like' their page Knickernappies on Twitter: 1,469 1,529 people follow them The Eco Chic on Facebook: 1,250 1,326 people 'Like' my page The Eco Chic on Twitter: 4,898  5,002 people follow me What would look prettier??  Here are my goals for the 5,000/7,000 Giveaway: Knickernappies on Facebook: 3,000 Knickernappies on Twitter: 2,000 The Eco Chic on Facebook: 2,000 The Eco Chic on Twitter: 5,000 (YEAH!!!! We made this goal on 2/22/11) Don't ask me WHY I think these numbers would be pretty but ... [ Read More ]

Natali Del Conte, CBS, and Cloth Diapers

The Diaper Wars continue but are we making an impact? If you aren't on Facebook you may have missed the most recent cloth diapering battle.  CBS Eye on Parenting filmed a segment with Natali Del Conte about the difference between disposable diapers and cloth diapers.  Unfortunately the media and guest pediatrician did not do such a good job explaining cloth diapers. In fact, the piece was incredibly one-sided and only showed Gerber pre-folds (and mentioned safety pins) as the modern cloth diapering option.  For most parents this is what they expect to see when they think of cloth diapers but for those of us in the cloth diapering community it's a kick in the face.  It's hard enough getting people to see past their stereotypes of pre-folds, pins, and plastic pants long enough to see how easy cloth diapering really is.  The community was outraged and left Natali and CBS hundreds of comments on their video.  You can go watch the original video on the Eye on Parenting site; Diaper Wars ... [ Read More ]

TerraCycle NOW at Wal-Mart

If you have been a reader of mine since the early days you may remember my love of TerraCycle.  If not, feel free to read some of my past posts about this great company.  And despite the foul associations that are sometimes given to Wal-Mart it is our closest store for those quick items that we all need.  Now if you mix TerraCycle and Wal-Mart together and what do you get? Great NEW TerraCycle products that can ONLY be found at EVERY Wal-Mart in the United States ONLY in April in honor of the 40th anniversary of Earth Day!  Can you hear me screaming here people?  This is fabulous!  As soon as they decide to fix the water main break that happened yesterday at our local Wal-Mart (which is undergoing some MAJOR renovations to bring us a Super Center!!) I am making a trip up there and will be taking pictures of the display to share with you all!  Look for it where their Easter Display use to be!  I think my kids might just be getting some new TerraCycle gifts for Earth Day this ... [ Read More ]

Introducing Eco Mom Media


I'm growing up and branching out!  I would like to introduce to you Eco Mom Media.  My newest blog project.  Eco Mom Media has a few goals. 1.  Eco-Friendly Twitter Parties.  Oh yeah, baby!  The hottest trend to hit Twitter.  If you are a company looking for more customers or a fellow reader looking for innovative eco-friendly products you will want to check out our Twitter parties.  Our premiere party is scheduled for Earth Day, April 22nd.  Go check out #GetRealDiapers and see what it is all about.  2.  Tips.  Regular blog posts will include topics on how to use Twitter, Facebook, and your blog to reach more readers and/or customers.  If you are a blogger, I will be providing my personal advice on how I got started with blogging and using social media to gain readers.  If you are a business, I will be providing you with advice on how to reach more customers using social media networks.  3.  Social Media Consulting.  I'm available by the hour to help you meet your goals.  Let ... [ Read More ]

Cloth Diaper Carnival: What you wish you knew then that you know now

What is a blog carnival?  A blog carnival is a way to network with other like minded bloggers while doing what we do best, BLOG!  This blog carnival is all about Cloth Diapers.  Specifically, what you wish you knew that you know now about cloth diapering.  Read my response below and then follow the carnival by clicking the links below.  Each link will take you to another blog that has responded to the same question!  AND...if you use cloth diapers and have a blog why doing you join us by adding MckLinky to your page after you have responded!  Have fun and thanks for visiting! I've written some already on our Trials and Tribulations of Cloth Diapering in previous posts but I am going to focus on the main question today.  There will certainly be more cloth diapering posts as we continue our journey with Lil' B (our almost 7 month old little girl).  I wish I would have known other cloth diapering parents!  When we started this journey I didn't know anyone who had even considered ... [ Read More ]