Breastfeeding – Day 730 (Our last day)

Well we made it to day 730 (2 years) yesterday breastfeeding Lil' B.  We woke up yesterday on her birthday and went through our normal routine.  I snuggled my baby one last time while breastfeeding her on her second birthday knowing that it would be our last time.  When we finished our morning session I told her sweetly that it was her birthday and that she was a big girl now and that boobies were for babies.  I asked if she wanted to 'kiss them goodbye' and she gave them both a sweet little peck and waved goodbye.  This morning when we woke up I didn't say anything to her about milk or boobies.  She asked me once while I was changing her diaper about the milk and I told her that I would be happy to pour her a big girl cup of milk if she liked.  She said "OK" and that was the last she asked about milk today. It's been quite an emotional week with all the changes with day care and her birthday but I feel so much better that she didn't this change didn't upset her.  We've gone a ... [ Read More ]

Breastfeeding a Tot – Continued

After a very LONG week away from our 17 month old I am happy (at least I am) to report that we are STILL breastfeeding.  I finally grasped the concept of manual expression of the milk since I left town without my child and my pump!  It wasn't an easy concept to master but after a few days I became a pro!  My worst fear was that I would be reunited with the tot and she wouldn't ever ask for mommy milk again.  It took her 2.5 hours before she started to get cranky and tired - then she started to make her way back to her comfort spot.  Everything works the way it did before she left - like she never skipped a beat.  It was difficult for me to decide whether this should be our weaning period or if she should continue - after all big brother weaned at almost a year.  We've far surpassed my expectations but I want this to be her decision - at least for now.  It's not restricting me from doing anything and she does fine if we are apart.  I only wish that my support system understood the ... [ Read More ]