5 Easy Summer Energy Saving Tips

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Did you know that in 2011 alone, Americans, with the help of ENERGY STAR, saved enough energy to avoid greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to those from 41 million cars — all while saving $23 billion on their utility bills and reducing the pollution that contributes to heart disease, asthma and allergies.  Pretty impressive little fact, huh?  I bet you didn't think that "ENERGY STAR" sticker really made that big of a difference did you? 5 Easy Summer Energy Saving Tips Use more natural light.  Turn off the indoor lights and open the blinds.  Enjoy the natural light that the sun provides and you'll reduce your energy usage. Adjust the thermostat.  Keep your air conditioner set at 78F or higher during the summer months to maximize your energy efficiency.  Even if you set it higher when you aren't home and slightly cooler during the hours you are home you'll be saving money and energy. Line dry your clothing.  The summer months are the best time to line dry your laundry because ... [ Read More ]