Eco-Crafting with Kids

Homemade Playdough

When I was little I always had dreams of being an art teacher. I was very creative and still suffer from the creative bug quite often (just not as often as I would like).  My son has always enjoyed crafting with me but never fully L-O-V-E-D it like I did as a kid.  I'm so excited to see a little bit of my craftiness in my daughter.  She can sit at a table and play with dough for hours.  Her teachers tell me that she is the only one who sits still for painting and begs to keep painting when the project is done. Yes - I think she's my child! There are a few craft related blogs that I read often to keep my mind creative even if I'm not actively crafting myself.  I absolutely love Make and Takes blog by Marie LaBaron.  She usually gives simple craft idea for kids or for the home that don't require the obscure materials.  I still have quite a craft stash in my closet and there is never a shortage of glue!  You can imagine my excitement when I received Marie's new book in the mail a ... [ Read More ]