Children’s Cardboard Playhouse

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I've always wanted to get Lil' B one of those cute indoor playhouses (like these) but I try to stay away from too many plastic toys. I know that for the most part they are safe but the environmental cost of making too many plastic toys and accessories will make your brain hurt if you think about it. First their is the petroleum use, the transportation from some unknown factory in some foreign country, who may or may not ethically treat their see where I'm going right??! Not to mention the cost of disposal and the lifecycle of such products. Most of these houses end up at a garage sale or in the local dump where they rot for hundreds of years to come. We are also quite limited on space in our house and if your kids are like mine they usually only play with their toys for a short period of time before they get tired of it and move on to something new. That's why I was excited to review a new trend in playhouses, the cardboard playhouse by Cascades. When the box ... [ Read More ]

Oldie But Goodie – Eco-Advent Calendars

Please enjoy my Oldies But Goodies while I take a break from the computer and enjoy my family and other things that I'm THANKFUL for this year.  New content will return next week! Tis’ the season for our children to WANT, WANT, WANT!  I struggle each year around this time to remind my 6 year old that it’s not all about presents and Santa.  He had a homework project this week to talk about the holiday that we celebrate (Christmas) and why it’s important to him.  His teacher is including Winter Holidays in her lesson plan and each child gets to contribute with the holiday that they celebrate.  While working on his project I realized that he still doesn’t ‘get it’ with the reason we celebrate Christmas.  Christmas of course is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ in the Christian religion.  One way that people help celebrate the holiday is with Advent Calendars.  You can find them in most retail stores filled with candy hiding behind little cardboard doors.  The last two ... [ Read More ]

Eco Chic Deals Tuesday 8/17/10

OK - are you ready for this?  I'm setting up a schedule of regular posts to keep the content current and fresh here at The Eco Chic!  <Yes - I'm trying to get motivated from my post-BlogHer excitement!> Every Tuesday I will be bringing you some of my favorite deals and specials from some of my favorite retailers and brands!  Some days I'll have a lot to share while others I'll only have a few.  If you have a special you would like me to include send an email to by Sunday night.  I will try to include as many offers as possible but will only feature those that I feel are a fit for my readers!  This weeks Eco Chic Deals:  1. Did you know that actually has a new Daily Deal feature?  You can sign up on their website to have a new deal delivered to your inbox everyday - or you can watch for the announcement on their Facebook page.  2.  Did you know that has recently reduced their FREE shipping qualifications from $75 down ... [ Read More ]

Eco-Friendly Weddings


Weddings? Why am I talking about weddings? I've been married for almost 9 years and have no plans on leaving my husband or remarrying!  Hubby and I have always talked about renewing our vows at a beach ceremony with our friends and family for our 10 year anniversary.  See back in 2001 we ran away to Vegas and got married at the classy Little White Wedding Chapel (wish I had some digital pics from those days but we still used film...I'll have to scan some later!).  It was actually a very nice ceremony and we had about 13 guests there.  I wouldn't have done it any other way!  But we've always wished we had gotten married on the beach.  He's actually started a savings account for 2011 so that we can do whatever we like for our 10yr.  As much as I'd like to do a beach vow renewal we've also talked about running away to some exotic location for a week.  We're thinking maybe Greece or Fiji...exotic enough for you?  As long as there is crystal blue water (and my darling hubby) I know ... [ Read More ]