Eco Nuts enter the Shark Tank


Use coupon code SHARKTANK and save $1.00 on your next order of EcoNuts! (Expires 10/31/12) I am so excited for my friend Mona (owner of EcoNuts) and her fiance.  Friday, October 19th they are going to be on the hit show Shark Tank!  It was just a few weeks ago when Tereson from FuzziBunz was on the show asking the Shark Tank to invest in her one-size pocket cloth diapers to help get them in the hands of more families.  Sadly the tank decided not to invest in FuzziBunz so I'm HOPING AND PRAYING that they will say YES to EcoNuts!! What are EcoNuts?  EcoNuts are soap nuts (berries actually) that are grown in the Himalayas and when placed in your laundry they create a natural soap, saponin.  EcoNuts are gently enough for all your laundry (even your delicate babies laundry) and strong enough to clean the dirtiest of dirty cloth diapers! EcoNuts was recently awarded the "Best New Green Products" at the Natural Products Expo East and is one of my favorite natural detergents.  We always ... [ Read More ]