#DiaperShops Coupon Codes – Limited Time ONLY!


If you joined us tonight for the #DiaperShops party on Twitter here are the coupon codes you have been waiting for! Now go and shop! #1  Receive a free @fuzzibunz changing pad with a $10 purchase at Kelly’s Closet. Use code PARTYTIME Promo ends 8am est 4/30. #2  Receive a free Smartipants diaper (no insert) with a $25 purchase at Kelly’s Closet.  Use code CAKE Promo ends 8am est 4/30. NEW!!! Diaper Shops has added one more coupon code for all of you!  Seriously people, do not walk...RUN to Diaper Shops and well...SHOP! #3  10% discount off your next order at Kelly's Closet with code AFTERPARTY . (Cannot be used on bG,flip,econobum*) Exp. 5/4. Limit one code per order and you may only use each code one time! Not good on any previous orders.  To join future Twitter Parties please visit www.ecomommedia.com. ... [ Read More ]

Join @EcoMomMedia Thursday 4/29 for #DiaperShops Twitter Party!


Did you realize that I'm now hosting Twitter Parties on Thursday evenings?  You can now follow me at Eco Mom Media for the most up to date eco-friendly and cloth diapering Twitter Parties!  This weeks party is sponsored by Diaper Shops.  Why should you attend this weeks party?  Because Diaper Shops is celebrating the 9th anniversary of Kelly's Closet by giving away an iPad and a ton of cloth diapers!  The party is Thursday, April 29th, 2010 at 9pm ET.  Be sure to register HERE and use #DiaperShops hashtag during the party.  Can't wait to see you on Thursday! ... [ Read More ]

Eco Mom Twitter Parties


Have you heard? Eco Mom Media is throwing some great Twitter Parties!  What the heck is a Twitter Party?  Well first, it's on Twitter!  Secondly, it's a bunch of people talking about a certain topic for one hour at a set date/time.  Lastly, it's a chance to win some AWESOME prizes from Eco Mom Media and sponsors.  So where can you find out more about this great parties?  Eco Mom Media of course!  In case you missed the announcement, I am Eco Mom Media!  Upcoming events: 4/15: #WearMyBaby with @FranklinGoose.  Prizes include gift certificates to Franklin Goose and a baby carrier of your choice. 4/22: (Earth Day) #GetRealDiapers is the BIG event to share cloth diapers with ANY parent with a baby in diapers.  Learn how cloth diapers are making a come back!  They aren't what you remember from your Grandma and mom!  Register to win a Flip Ultra HD camcorder and many cloth diaper packages! 4/29: #DiaperShops is celebrating the 9th Anniversary of Kelly's Closet with another ... [ Read More ]

Do You Want to Win a Flip Ultra HD Video Camera?


Yes, you can win a Flip Ultra HD video camera!  How?  It's simple really, just RSVP to the #GetRealDiapers party on Earth Day!  (Don't register here...go to #GetRealDiapers on Eco Mom Media by clicking any of the links in this post!!) Where is this party?  On Twitter...where else!  This way people all around the US and Canada (yes, even our Canadian friends can party and win) can learn about #GetRealDiapers at the same time and have all their burning questions answered LIVE by the experts in the cloth diaper industry!  What is the party all about?  The goal of the party is to introduce cloth diapers to as many new parents as possible.  This is where most of my readers can help...we need to spread the word to parents who don't already use cloth diapers.  Since we are the minority you should know at least one friend or family member with a baby in disposable diapers.  Or maybe you know someone who is currently expecting a baby.  We will share how today's cloth diapers are easy, ... [ Read More ]

Do you have a Kool Kid?

This weekend has opened my eyes to today's kids. My son celebrated his seventh birthday with his very first sleepover. Yes, I welcomed three of his friends into our home for an entire night! (ps...I survived and no I'm not writing from a mental hospital!) So what do today's kids do for fun? (boys that is) Well there was lots of litesaber battles and a few pillow fights. What I wasn't expecting was the amount of time they spent playing video games (each kid brought their Nintendo DS systems). They spent hours pushing buttons and laughing at each other. While they had a blast and stayed up until almost midnight I wondered how our kids got so 'connected!'. What happened to make believe and imagination? Won't you join me on Wednesday night (3/24) at 10pm (est) for my very first Twitter party about make believe and creative play! Eco Mom Media (my newest project) has partnered with Cutie Pa Tutus and Kota Kouture to celebrate our children and their imaginations. Want to learn ... [ Read More ]

Hello? Is anyone out there?

Dinsey Nature's Ocean Topiary at Epcot

Hello?  Hello? Oh yes, I'm still here! March (well ok all of 2010) has been a little overwhelming.  The entire family has been sick on and off this month (yes the entire month), we've had birthdays, anniversaries, worried about family members, saddened by friends who lost family members, and completely crazy with all the new stuff going on with Eco Mom Media.  I have been reminded more than once this year that God won't dish out more than I can handle...and I honestly think he's testing me!  So today I will hug my family tight and enjoy my friends.  But I can't stay away from this place (blogosphere) too long! Did you know that March 27th is Earth Hour??  You have heard of Earth Hour haven't you?  NO!  OK, so on March 27th people all around the world turn OFF their lights (and phones and computers and well...anything electric) for one hour at 8:30pm local time.  Why?  To draw attention to climate change and the fact that we all need to globally take charge and make changes in our ... [ Read More ]

Introducing Eco Mom Media


I'm growing up and branching out!  I would like to introduce to you Eco Mom Media.  My newest blog project.  Eco Mom Media has a few goals. 1.  Eco-Friendly Twitter Parties.  Oh yeah, baby!  The hottest trend to hit Twitter.  If you are a company looking for more customers or a fellow reader looking for innovative eco-friendly products you will want to check out our Twitter parties.  Our premiere party is scheduled for Earth Day, April 22nd.  Go check out #GetRealDiapers and see what it is all about.  2.  Tips.  Regular blog posts will include topics on how to use Twitter, Facebook, and your blog to reach more readers and/or customers.  If you are a blogger, I will be providing my personal advice on how I got started with blogging and using social media to gain readers.  If you are a business, I will be providing you with advice on how to reach more customers using social media networks.  3.  Social Media Consulting.  I'm available by the hour to help you meet your goals.  Let ... [ Read More ]