New Year, New Wardrobe, New Earth

Earth Footwear

Isn't that a beautiful picture.  Wonder what it is?  It's the bottom of my brand new pair of Earth® "positive heel" shoes from the Spring/Summer 2012 Collection. If the bottom of the shoe is this pretty you know the rest of the shoe has to be gorgeous!  If you've never heard of the Earth® line of shoes they are well known for their negative heel technology that promotes wellness while still having a very contemporary, comfortable, stylish appeal.  The new Earth® collection is known for the same contemporary style with the new positive heel heights for those wanting a dressier look. (Like the old style? Don't worry it's not going away.  You can find our more about it at I'm not much of a heel person myself because I'm always chasing after my very active kids but I was quite surprised at how comfortable these shoes are.  With a cushioned footbed, padded heel area, and reinforced arch support I felt like I was in my favorite pair of ballet flats.  With the ... [ Read More ]

Disney’s Earth…WOW!

This evening Big B and I had a 'date' to go see Earth!  I can't remember the last time I was so emotional over a documentary.  Disney really did a great job with this one.  Before the movie even started I was excited for NEXT Earth Day when they bring out Ocean.  The animals they chose to follow in Earth were perfect; the polar bear family, the elephant family, and my favorite the humpback whale family.  James Earl Jones did a fantastic job with the naration and the musical score was perfect.  There were so many times when Big B got emotional (happy, sad, fearful) just because of the music and what was about to happen next.  I must warn parents though that if you have very young children (preschoolers especially) the movie does touch on some 'Circle of Life' know predator vs prey!  While Disney does a very good job not to show anything gruesome there were a few times when the youngsters in the theater broke out into tears.  Big B is six now and still got a little ... [ Read More ]