How to Use Snap Pliers to Make an Adjustable Waist on Kids Clothing

Adjustable Waist

My kids have tiny waists and are tall, they get this from both my husband and I. My mom was always tacking the waist of my clothes (pre-adjustable waist clothing) as a child. Thank goodness that most clothing these days come with the adjustable waistband. I picked up 2 athletic shorts/skorts for my daughter this weekend at the Old Navy clearance sale and got home to find out they were too big in the waist!! Shocking...I know! Neither pair had drawstrings or adjustable waist so I was going to pull out the needle and thread and tack them to fit.  Then I remembered my brand new snap pliers and thought this might look nicer and be easier to undo when she grows a bit. On the first pair, I only added one snap to adjust the waist.  On the second pair, I added two snaps and I think it's a cleaner finish when it's completed. In less than 5 minutes, we have two pairs of shorts that fit my skinny waisted six year old. What you'll need: Snap press or snap pliers Snaps Small ... [ Read More ]

DIY Izzy Costume – Disney’s Jake & Never Land Pirates

Izzy Costume Disney Jr

  It's super quick and easy, I promise!! All you need is 10 minutes and a few items you may already have in your closet (err....your child may have in their closet).  To learn how to make this No-Sew Izzy costume (<---click for directions) from Jake & the Never Land Pirates, click over to Tampa Bay Moms Blog where I post easy to follow directions. While you're there, don't forget to register for the bump, baby & beyond event going on this Wednesday night in Tampa.  I'll be there hosting the Cloth Diaper Discovery Tampa for Kelly's Closet. You can read more about that here: Tampa's Premiere Baby Event To register: Bump Tickets on Eventbrite ... [ Read More ]

Simple Fruit Leather Recipe

Homemade Fruit Leather @TheEcochic

What happens when you put GoGo Squeez applesauce in a food dehydrator?  You get a super easy and incredibly tasty fruit leather recipe! My husband just bought a food dehydrator and I've been having some fun playing with different fruits and veggies for the past 2 days.  Today I decided to have a little fun with fruit leather (aka: fruit roll ups).  When I searched online for different recipes, most of them used pureed fruit or applesauce.  That's when I heard "ding, ding, ding" in my head and this brilliant idea was formed.  Instead of making fresh applesauce (because really, who has time for that) or running to the store for a jar of applesauce, I pulled out 3 pouches of GoGo Squeez. Our dehydrator came with the handy plastic trays specifically for fruit leather.  All I did was pour out 3 pouches of GoGo Squeez applesauce (you can pick any flavor - or mix it up and have a LOT of fun) on the tray and spread evenly.  I could have easily added 2-3 more pouches if I wanted a thicker ... [ Read More ]

DIY Disney Salt Dough Necklaces #disneyside

Disney Salt Dough Necklaces #disneyside

Earlier in the week I shared a recipe from our Disney Side @Home Celebration, today I'm sharing with you one of the craft projects we did during our party.  Before the party I made up a batch of salt dough necklaces for the guests to paint.  I used the Disney cookie cutters we received in our party package from Disney Parks and MomSelect for the project.  You could do the entire project during the party but the dough needs to back for 2 hours, which is why I prepped them ahead of time. To make salt dough all you need is 1 cup of flour, 1/2 cup of salt and about 1/4-1/2 cup of water.  Sift the salt and flour together in a small bowl and slowly add water to it until you get the consistency of dough, but not sticky. Once you have your dough the right consistency you can flour your surface and roll the dough to about 1/8-1/4" thick.  Then use your cookie cutters to cut the desired shapes.  If you are going to be using these like necklaces (or ornaments or key chains) be sure to ... [ Read More ]

Upcycled Camera Strap Cover Tutorial featured on FaveCrafts

Upcycled DSLR Camera Strap Cover

I got crafty last week in preparation for Earth Day and created an upcycled camera strap cover from one of my husbands old shirts.  To see the entire project with directions head on over to the FaveCrafts blog where I am a guest blogger today; Upcycled Camera Strap Cover Tutorial. To see some of my other eco-crafting projects visit the Eco-Crafting section of my blog.   ... [ Read More ]

Trash to Treasure – How to turn a door into a chalkboard

Chalkboard door

This is really more of a remodel than a trash-t0-treasure but it still fits nicely for a Thursday crafting post!  One of the topics I like to search for on Pinterest are ideas for using chalkboard paint around the home.  You can see some really cool ideas on my Chalk Love board.  I broke down a few weeks ago and bought a jar of chalkboard paint and a magnetic primer. How to Turn a Door into a Chalkboard (and magnetic) Step 1: Decide what you want to paint.  This was the hardest part for me.  I didn't want it to be a spot in my house where I would regret my decision.  I started small and chose the hall door in the foyer of our house.  I didn't tell my husband where I was going to do this because I didn't want him to 'change my mind!' Step 2: The magnetic primer called for 2 coats in order to be strong enough to hold a magnet after the chalkboard paint was applied.  Be sure to read the directions about how long to let each coat cure before proceeding to the next coat.  I did ... [ Read More ]

My Pinterest Boards

Yes, I am addicted to Pinterest!  You can read more about how my addiction developed with my Pinterest Addiction Explained post.  I think it's interesting to find out what my friends find exciting enough to pin.  Here are a look at some of the boards that I've created: Upcycling Crafts - I wish I could spend more time actually creating these craft projects myself instead of just pinning them.  I have started a few and you'll be able to follow some of my tutorials in the future. Upcycle Garden Ideas - While I don't exactly have a green thumb my parents are enjoying growing their own vegetables in a rather unique and small space.  I love sharing some of these pins with them to give them inspiration. DIY I Love - some may be upcycling while others are just creative art projects that I admire. For the Home - Ahhh...I love these spaces and wish we could incorporate some of these ideas into our own living space.  I think I'm dying for a unique swing these days.  I found one I ... [ Read More ]