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Flats and Handwashing Challenge – Cloth Diapers

My friend Kim at Dirty Diaper Laundry blog has been very busy lately.  First she creates the Cloth Diaper Finder, an amazing program that helps you select the perfect cloth diaper for you based on your preferences.  She’s also working on … Continue reading

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Natali Del Conte, CBS, and Cloth Diapers

The Diaper Wars continue but are we making an impact? If you aren’t on Facebook you may have missed the most recent cloth diapering battle.  CBS Eye on Parenting filmed a segment with Natali Del Conte about the difference between … Continue reading

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Another Cloth Diaper Convert

Last week I attended a double baby shower for two ladies that I met at church.  They’ve heard me go on and on about how cute, how easy, and how much better cloth diapers are – but they still haven’t … Continue reading

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Guest Post – The Other Side Series

GUEST POST:  Please welcome my BFF Mama M as she presents “The Other Side.’  She promised me that she would send me more posts and if you like her introduction let her know that you’d like to hear more.    … Continue reading

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What’s REALLY Inside a Disposable Diaper?

Now tell me – do you want that next to your babies bottom?  I didn’t think so!  TRY CLOTH DIAPERS!

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Are cloth diapers really better for the environment? Learn more about sustainable diapers myths and facts at The Eco Chic blog!

Hi and Welcome to The Eco Chic blog – if you are a new reader I hope to convince you that cloth diapers REALLY are better for the environment.  Not only will I convince you that they are better for … Continue reading

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Gro Baby System Review & Giveaway

Giveaway Alert!  The Natural Baby Co is giving away one Gro Baby Bio Soaker Intro Package to a lucky reader.  To enter see details at the end of this post.    ECO-ngratulatins Holly S! One of the newest hybrid cloth diapering … Continue reading

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How Do I Wash My Cloth Diapers?

In honor of the Cloth Diaper Carnival Part Deux I thought I would share my wash routine.  As you probably know by now there is no exact science and no perfect way to wash your cloth diapers.  I would imagine … Continue reading

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