10 Simple Ways to Go Green This Earth Day (and Every Day)

10 Simple Ways to Go Green for Earth Day

This post is sponsored by Flipp App. Earth Day is April 22nd and it's a good time for us all to refocus and find new ways to be more eco-friendly.  We all live different lifestyles and have different resources available to us.  Regardless of where you are in your journey to live a greener lifestyle, remember that every little step we take adds up in big ways.  Here are just a few simple ways that you may be able to go green this Earth Day... 1. Teach Our Children to Love the Earth - the biggest gift we can give to our children is the ability to love and respect the natural environment. Let your children help you recycle.  Give them a small section of the garden to care for.  Teach our children that the future of this planet depends on how well we care for it. 2. Buy Less - What items have you purchased recently that you could have lived without?  That new purse?  That new Lilly Pulitzer outfit from Target?  That extra cloth diaper in the newest print?  Think before you ... [ Read More ]

Flats and Handwashing Challenge – Cloth Diapers


My friend Kim at Dirty Diaper Laundry blog has been very busy lately.  First she creates the Cloth Diaper Finder, an amazing program that helps you select the perfect cloth diaper for you based on your preferences.  She's also working on a few other surprises that I'm sure will be equally exciting.  Then a few months ago there were several articles floating around the internet about the lengths that some parents take in order to save a few dollars.  See disposable diapers are expensive and the cost keeps rising.  There are families out there who literally have to make the choice between buying food and buying diapers. Parents will leave disposable diapers on their babies hours longer than they should and some will even go to the extreme of reusing a disposable diaper!!  Sadly it's the babies who suffer; sitting in any diaper for more than a few hours can lead to severe rashes and infections.  Left untreated due to the high cost of medical treatment these babies lives are at ... [ Read More ]

Natali Del Conte, CBS, and Cloth Diapers

The Diaper Wars continue but are we making an impact? If you aren't on Facebook you may have missed the most recent cloth diapering battle.  CBS Eye on Parenting filmed a segment with Natali Del Conte about the difference between disposable diapers and cloth diapers.  Unfortunately the media and guest pediatrician did not do such a good job explaining cloth diapers. In fact, the piece was incredibly one-sided and only showed Gerber pre-folds (and mentioned safety pins) as the modern cloth diapering option.  For most parents this is what they expect to see when they think of cloth diapers but for those of us in the cloth diapering community it's a kick in the face.  It's hard enough getting people to see past their stereotypes of pre-folds, pins, and plastic pants long enough to see how easy cloth diapering really is.  The community was outraged and left Natali and CBS hundreds of comments on their video.  You can go watch the original video on the Eye on Parenting site; Diaper Wars ... [ Read More ]

Another Cloth Diaper Convert

Baby in Disposable Diaper

Last week I attended a double baby shower for two ladies that I met at church.  They've heard me go on and on about how cute, how easy, and how much better cloth diapers are - but they still haven't made the commitment. I try not to guilt someone into trying cloth diapers but rather debunk the myths that exist about using cloth diapers to help better educate parents.  I have a few friends with babies that still use disposables and I don't make them feel bad about their decision.  I'm always showing off Lil' B's fluffy bum in hopes that they will give up their disposable addiction and join me in my mad addiction passion. Now you'd think that the perfect baby shower gift would be a cute new cloth diaper, right?  Since cloth diapers are not a cheap investment (I try to stay around the $15-20 range) I don't buy cloth diapers for people who haven't made the commitment.  I would be upset to see fluff sitting on a shelf NOT being used because a parent was scared to try them.  Instead ... [ Read More ]

Guest Post – The Other Side Series

The Other Side Logo

GUEST POST:  Please welcome my BFF Mama M as she presents "The Other Side.'  She promised me that she would send me more posts and if you like her introduction let her know that you'd like to hear more.    The Other Side - Part One (Introduction)  Hello! I'm really excited to have this opportunity that The Eco Chicis giving me to guest post on her blog. I love reading her blogs and posts on Facebook. She often gives me a new way to think about the way I do things; how I live my life and what I can do better.   Just a few quick things:   1. For disclosure purposes, I am The Eco Chic's BFF. Most of the time, we agree on things but there are issues that we could not be further apart on. She promised not to edit. We'll see if she publishes some of my thoughts about her passions.   2. I'm not a blogger or a writer. I have a secret blog for venting and it's full of typos and run-on sentences. I will try to use proper grammar and actual sentences when I guest post.   3. These are ... [ Read More ]

Are cloth diapers really better for the environment? Learn more about sustainable diapers myths and facts at The Eco Chic blog!

Hi and Welcome to The Eco Chic blog - if you are a new reader I hope to convince you that cloth diapers REALLY are better for the environment.  Not only will I convince you that they are better for the environment; I will also remind you that they are better for your baby AND better for your wallet!  If you are a regular reader I am working with the Real Diaper Association (RDA) and other cloth diapering bloggers to help reveal the TRUTH and LIES behind recent Pamper's controversy.  You can help too - visit the RDA to find out more. Are you pregnant?  Do you have a baby in diapers?  If so, you might have heard that Pamper's disposable diapers are currently under investigation by the CPSC.  Why?  Pamper's newest technology - Dry Max - has been accused of causing severe chemical burns and diaper rashes in numerous cases.  To make it worse - Pamper's has *supposedly* pulled their Dry Max off the shelf - however; rumor has it that they have just repackaged those diapers into the old ... [ Read More ]

Gro Baby System Review & Giveaway


Giveaway Alert!  The Natural Baby Co is giving away one Gro Baby Bio Soaker Intro Package to a lucky reader.  To enter see details at the end of this post.    ECO-ngratulatins Holly S! One of the newest hybrid cloth diapering systems out there is the Gro Baby System.  Check out there cute new animated short video HERE!  The original Gro Baby shell consists of a water proof shell and an organic cotton soaker pad that snaps into the shell.  The idea is that you purchase several soaker pads and reuse the shell.  Unlike most pocket diapers the Gro Baby has a unique quick drying layer between the soaker and the shell (it's sewn into the shell and looks like a large weave mesh).  The soakers attach to the shell with two snaps; one at the front and one at the back.  The original soakers are very thick organic cotton and are very absorbent.  They also come with a booster for nights and naps.  The other unique feature to the Gro Baby Shell is the closure.  It's a very fine hook closure ... [ Read More ]

How Do I Wash My Cloth Diapers?


In honor of the Cloth Diaper Carnival Part Deux I thought I would share my wash routine.  As you probably know by now there is no exact science and no perfect way to wash your cloth diapers.  I would imagine that each of the participants in this carnival will have a slightly different routine.  For me I try not to stress out too much about my routine.  I have a (few) system that works and I try not to mess it up.  My wash routine begins after each diaper change.  I still haven't invested in a diaper sprayer so I rinse my diapers briefly in the sink (or toilet if really nasty) so that my diaper pail doesn't stink up the bathroom.  I then wring them out and place them in my diaper pail.  My diaper pail is actually a plastic tub that sits next to the toilet.  I do this with each and every diaper until wash day.  (Except for when I'm really busy or tired and I just toss it in the pail without rinsing...but I try to rinse them within the day.)  Oh yeah, and don't forget that if you are ... [ Read More ]