Introducing the Thirsties *New* Hook & Loop – Bigger IS Better! [Giveaway]

Bigger is Better @TheEcoChic

Thirsties has just got even better than before with a new and improved hook & loop on all their diapers and diaper covers, proving that BIGGER is BETTER! I've always loved my Thirsties diapers, but I will admit that when my daughter was in cloth diapers the hook & loop frayed easily and didn't last very long.  I'm excited to share with you some of the new and exciting changes that have been made across the entire line of Thirsties diapers. They have scoured the market to find the strongest hook & loop available. Thirsties has also redesigned the size and shape of the bullets (tabs) solving some of the common hook & loop problems.  This new shape and size will: Make it harder for a baby to take off. Virtually eliminate frayed edges. Prevent the dreaded diaper chain in your laundry. Make you diapers last longer. The size of the laundry tabs have also increased to match the size of the bullets. In addition to hook & loop changes, Thirsties has ... [ Read More ]

Lassig: Best Diaper Bag for Cloth Diapers

What's in your diaper bag

One of the most frequently asked questions I get from other cloth diapering mom's is, "What diaper bag do you use with your cloth diapers?"  Cloth diapers do take up a little more room in your bag compared to disposable diapers.  I remember with my first child, I would stuff 10-12 disposable diapers in the bag and just leave them there.  Every few days I would have to add more, but I never worried about having enough diapers even if I used a smaller diaper bag. I'm also not a big fan of bags, especially diaper bags.  When they were babies, I had Target, Walart, and Babies"R"Us to shop at and they didn't have anything cute back then.  I ended up using a tote bag for both of my kids because I just couldn't see myself carrying a Winne the Pooh bag around with me all day.  Wow, how things have changed since then.  I'm sure cute bags were around then, but I never found them. Let me introduce you to the Lassig Tender Multipocket diaper bag.  Lassig is a company from Germany who's goal is ... [ Read More ]

The Weekly Green List #1 – Cloth Diapers

The Weekly Green List @TheEcoChic #clothdiapers

What is the Weekly Green List?  This is a new feature on that will appear each week with some of my favorite new (or new to me) finds.  These products and companies all have to be eco-friendly or help you live a more natural lifestyle.  To start out the Weekly Green List, we're talking about cloth diapers. Moraki Cloth Diapers - one of the newest and hottest brands of cloth diapers.  Moraki is a small family business located in California and all diapers are made in the US.  Fun and funky prints available in an AIO or AI2 diaper with their signature fold to fit hemp/cotton inserts.  My favorite prints include the Hippie tie dye diaper and the Fluffies, fun ruffle butt diapers!  Give Moraki Cloth a quick "Like" on Facebook to see what other fun diapers they come up with. Smart Bottoms - A company from Grand Rapid, MI with all of their products made in the US.  Another small family owned business that offers some great organic cotton and hemp cloth diapers.  Their Too Smart 3.0 ... [ Read More ]

Thirsties Cloth Diapers are Simply Better (and a Giveaway)

Thirsties Cloth Diapers

Thirsties cloth diapers has just revealed a new logo and improved website.  The products that you know and love haven't changed.  I've had the honor of meeting a few of the Thirsties staff last year at a trade show and I have to say that their brand video explains exactly why I love Thirsties and why they are - simply better! YouTube: If you don't know anything about Thirsties let me share with you just a few important details.  They are located in Colorado and over 90% of the fabrics and materials used to make up the Thirsites line is sourced right here in the United States.  They are a family owned and operated company and they truly love their product and their customers.  Thirsties is a simple diapering system that is available at a reasonable, budget-friendly price to help make cloth diapering affordable to all families.  Since Thirsties is a dual sized (size 1 and size 2) diaper it will truly fit your newborn (size 1) and your toddler (size 2) ... [ Read More ]

10 Things You Can Leave Off Your Baby Registry

10 Things You Can Leave OFF Your Baby Registry @TheEcoChic

I have a few friends who are pregnant and I'm trying really hard not to be too pushy on what they buy for their babies.  I was looking over the baby gift registry for one of the girls at BabiesRUs and attempted to give her my recommendations (again, without being pushy).  After glancing at the must-have list that BabiesRUs provides new parents I decided it was time to make my own list of must-NOT baby registry items.  10 Things You Can Leave OFF Your Baby Registry Disposable diapers.  What?  Don't babies need diapers?  Yes, but did you know that disposable diapers are full of toxins and chemicals?  Your baby is going to be in diapers almost 24 hrs a day for the first 2-4 years of their life.  Modern cloth diapers have come a long way since we were kids.  They come in fun colors and prints and are just as easy to use as disposable diapers.  What about the poop?  As a parent I promise you that you will touch poop - even with disposable diapers.  Put the poop where it belongs - ... [ Read More ]