Cloth Diapering at Disney World

How to Cloth Diaper at Disney

Planning a trip to Disney World with baby's?  Do you travel with cloth diapers or take disposables along?  We've taken cloth diapers with us on all of our trips to Disney when our littlest was still in diapers.  On the Kelly Wels blog today I'm sharing my tips with you on how you can take your cloth diapers with you.  Want a sneak peek? Hybrids or disposable inserts Flats and covers Diaper services Regular cloth diapers For more information on hand washing and flats check out my post How to Hand Wash Cloth Diapers.  You'll have to modify it slightly depending on the supplies you have on hand while traveling. For more tips on traveling to Disney with kids read my post The Pros and Cons of Strollers at Disney. To read more just head on over the Kelly Wels blog and read the full story on How to Cloth Diaper at Disney World.  Come back here if you have any questions - always happy to help!   ... [ Read More ]

Should I Take Our Cloth Diapers to #BlogHer10

My wonderful family will be joining me at BlogHer 10 in August. I have an awesome husband who doesn't mind traveling the world with me while I work - but this is different. Usually when we travel it's for my day job and I HAVE to work. This trip - while I consider it work - is really more of a hobby. I'm looking to network and learn how to make my blog work for me - and maybe one day be my day job. Of course I say that with hesitation - because I have a really good job and it would take a LOT for my blog to replace that income. So - back to cloth diapers and my husband. He's really patient with me and my desire to travel with our fluff but we've always driven when we've been gone for more than 2-3 days. We've never packed our fluff for a plane ride. I mean how does that work? I'm staying at a hotel and don't really want to do laundry (more likely HE would have to do it - and that's NOT happening while on vaca) OR carry dirty diapers back on the plane. I would NOT do that to the ... [ Read More ]