Upcycled Denim Crafts #freefromtrash

Denim Toddler Skirt

I've been looking forward to this project since before it even began.  I found one idea in the Reinvention book that I reviewed a few days ago for a portfolio or laptop/iPad case.  The original project was with 2 layers of linen and a single layer of batting in the middle to absorb shock.  I immediately knew I wanted to make this with denim. I've never worked with denim before and the thought of it scared me because of how thick it is.  I cut out my pattern and fabric, piecing it together as described in the book.  It was great until I got to the final step which required me to sew 4 layers of denim and 1 layer of batting.  It's thicker than my sewing machine will allow to slide through.  Gah!!  Anyone have any tips or tutorials for sewing denim??  Single layers are easy but when you get more than 2 layers it's impossible.  I even broke a needle in the process. And the "final" piece (not sewed on the edges) looks like: I was left with the top part of the jeans and ... [ Read More ]