How I Saved an Hour Using E-Mealz!

Every week the hubs and I have the same conversation (sometimes it's nice and other times it's downright stressful) and it usually starts with "Hey honey - what do you want for dinner this week? It's time to go shopping!" Then comes the look of agony from both of us and the longing for the other one to make a decision.  We both work full-time and we have our 2 fun-derful children who never stress us out after work (we can all dream right?). I actually love to cook but I hate to meal plan. Neither one of us mind shopping, we don't even mind taking the kids...but neither of us plan well.  And to make it even better - we have different shopping tactics.  I really need a list to shop with or else I feel overwhelmed.  He could go into the store and buy whatever is on sale and come home with plenty of food.  It actually stressed me out to shop with him if we don't have a list because I feel like I'm just wandering around and I can never remember what we already have at home. So last ... [ Read More ]

Eco Chic Deals Tuesday 8/17/10

OK - are you ready for this?  I'm setting up a schedule of regular posts to keep the content current and fresh here at The Eco Chic!  <Yes - I'm trying to get motivated from my post-BlogHer excitement!> Every Tuesday I will be bringing you some of my favorite deals and specials from some of my favorite retailers and brands!  Some days I'll have a lot to share while others I'll only have a few.  If you have a special you would like me to include send an email to by Sunday night.  I will try to include as many offers as possible but will only feature those that I feel are a fit for my readers!  This weeks Eco Chic Deals:  1. Did you know that actually has a new Daily Deal feature?  You can sign up on their website to have a new deal delivered to your inbox everyday - or you can watch for the announcement on their Facebook page.  2.  Did you know that has recently reduced their FREE shipping qualifications from $75 down ... [ Read More ]