What? Me Blog?

It seems like I haven't really spent much time on my own blog lately since I've been so super busy with work (Kelly's Closet) and writing for Tampa Bay Moms Blog.  Some days I forget that I actually have a blog of my own to keep up. Today I have decided to spend the weekend focusing some of my energy back here; I'm attending the Type-A conference in Atlanta.  I bought my ticket ages ago and haven't even looked at the schedule of events that start tomorrow.  All I know is that registration and breakfast start early - somewhere around 8am!  That means I'll actually have to get up and get dressed before I normally wake up. Let's talk travel for a minute.  I absolutely LOVE to fly, but I don't love it so much when I'm flying standby out of Orlando when all the flights are overbooked.  I also wasn't prepared for how busy the Orlando airport would be on a Thursday morning.  I'm used to flying out of my tiny little Tampa airport where it takes me 15 minutes to get from my car to the ... [ Read More ]

Social Fresh East 2013 – Tampa, FL – April 18-19th

social fresh east

  I've been blogging for almost 8 years (wow, right) and I'm still learning something new almost every day.  I've been fortunate enough to have attended a few "mom blogger" conferences over the past few years but I'm ready to really dive in deep into social media and see what the big boys (and girls) are doing in their social networks.  Social Fresh is a social media conference that is recognized as one of the Top 10 Social Media Conferences. Held in Tampa, FL on April 18-19th, Social Fresh is bringing 15 amazing and inspiring speakers to discuss, brainstorm, network with the top industry leaders in social media.  Jason Keath is not only the CEO behind Social Fresh, but also a social media speaker, consultant, and analyst in the industry.  This years speakers include Chris Brogan, Katie Richman, Ted Rubin, and Spike Jones; along with other experts working in the industry. This two day conference is unique from other conferences that I've attended.  Social Fresh focuses on ... [ Read More ]

Upcycled Cardboard Blogger Business Cards

cardboard business cards

Are you a blogger and need some business cards that will stand out from the rest?  PR agencies and businesses get thousands (if you're going to BlogHer '12, 4,500+ attendees) of cards.  How do you make your card stand out from the rest? Being an eco-friendly "Green" blogger I've always struggled with business cards because they really waste a lot of natural resources and most people only need them for a short period of time.  I have an entire box of business cards that I had made in 2010 with my sponsors names on the back.  Kind of hard to reuse when it says "My 2010 Sponsors are..." This year I will have a mixed batch of cards.  I still have about 20-30 square blogger business cards left from 2011 that I will use up.  I also have my 2010 cards that I will apply address labels over the 2010 sponsor information on the back.  Finally I have a batch of upcycled cardboard blogger business cards that I made from some used cardboard boxes. Directions:  Cut cardboard to desired size ... [ Read More ]

Branding Your Blog for Conferences

UnCommon iPhone Cases

Do you consider yourself a blogger?  If so do you make money blogging (0r hope to at least)?  Do you consider your blog a business?  How do you market yourself? I've been blogging since Sept. 2007 and I don't think I officially considered my blog more than a hobby until about 2 years ago.  Today I look at it (and treat it) as a business.  I have my own tax ID number and everything.  While I still don't make a steady income from my blog it did lead me to my current full-time job(s) as a social media and marketing coordinator.  To me that is a huge success but I often wonder; what's next for The Eco Chic as a blog (and as a business)? I always have plans to make improvements to my blog and the way I treat it but it still remains somewhat of a hobby to me.  I try not to put myself into deadlines that I know I can't keep.  I try not to take on too many projects when I'm overworked.  I try to keep my projects aligned with my primary mission (helping others protect the planet as I ... [ Read More ]

Finding My Bliss at Blissdom11

Blissdom Box

Can anyone guess where I'm heading this week?  #Blissdom11!! Now most of my followers are probably staring at their computer screens going "huh?" or "Bliss-what?"  or maybe "Oh, isn't that like BlogHer?"  Yes, it's a blogging conference where bloggers meet up, share ideas, create new ideas, and form real life relationships.  I had the pleasure and joy of attending one of the largest conferences held each year last August (BlogHer) in NYC and I have to admit it's still overwhelming to think about all the things that happened that week.  Did I really have lunch with the Jenn THE inventor and creator of the bumGenius cloth diaper?  Did I really form an amazing bond with Kelly from Kelly's Closet?  Did I really meet and partner with great companies like ecoStore USA, Plum Organics, and so, so, so many more?  Did I really meet other eco-minded bloggers like Green and Clean Mom, Beth Terry, Melissa Moog, phD In Parenting, Consientious Confusion, Condo Blues, and so, so, so many more?  ... [ Read More ]