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Where do I find my bliss?

One of the joys of blogging is being able to go to blog conferences to see my virtual friends; the people I talk with and interact with on a daily basis but rarely get to see.  My primary goal when … Continue reading

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My BlogHer ’12 Schedule

Is BlogHer ’12 really THIS week?  I’ll be packing over the next few days and heading up to New York on Wednesday.  My husband is joining me on the trip and we’ll probably do some touristy things Wednesday and Thursday. … Continue reading

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Blog Conference Survival Tips

Are you attending your first (or fifth) blog conference soon?  In 2010 I packed my bags and headed off to my first blog conference.  I had never met any other bloggers.  I didn’t really even know a lot of bloggers. … Continue reading

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Yes – another #BlogHer10 post you should read! Really!

I remember about a year ago when I first joined the Twitter community seeing the numerous tweets about how excited everyone was to be going to BlogHer 9.  Each year 1000-2000 women (and yes some men) come out from behind … Continue reading

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How and Why I’m Going to #BlogHer10

I hope that for my readers you don’t get sick of me talking about BlogHer 10 for the next month.  In August I’ll be celebrating my 3rd year Blog-iversary and this will be my very first blogging conference ever!  A … Continue reading

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I’m Going to #BlogHer10

In less than one month I’ll be packing up my family and we’ll be headed to NYC for BlogHer 10!  I am going to be completely honest with you – I’m horribly nervous! I’ve been blogging on The Eco Chic … Continue reading

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