Celebrate Diversity & Unity Through Cloth Diapers #ClothCommunity


Join us February 2nd as we celebrate the cloth diapering community. It's a day in which parents everywhere celebrate our diversities and our unity. #ClothCommunity Day is a campaign brought to you from many of your favorite cloth diaper bloggers. I have to give most of the credit to Mindy (Inquisitive Mom) for organizing the communities efforts to bring this to life. As a community, we've been online for 6+ years chatting about cloth diapers on our blogs and social media. My own journey with cloth began 6 years ago when my daughter was born and I reached out to the internet to research this new, modern cloth diaper.  It's really funny to go back and read some of my early cloth diaper posts.  I was just like many new moms that I encounter on a daily basis - nervous, confused, overwhelmed, and full of questions! You can laugh along with me here, and here, and here if you like. It was back then that I formed some of the friendships with other bloggers, companies, and readers. It's ... [ Read More ]

30 Reasons to Love Cloth Diapers – Real Diapers Industry Association

Reason 19: Because it really it one big community working together for the cause!  Meet the Real Diaper Industry Association (RDIA) - a trade association for manufacturers, retailers, diaper services, and info sources. This past week I had my first experience with the cloth diapering community from the inside.  As part of my new employment I journeyed to Texas to participate in the All Baby & Child (ABC) Spring Educational Conference and Trade Show.  While we were setting up our booth we were welcomed by a member of the RDIA and a fellow cloth diapering manufacturer.  I was looking forward to meeting some of the other brands I've heard so much about (and those that I've used personally) but I didn't know how strong the community really was.  Not only were we welcomed so warmly we were invited to get to know the rest of the RDIA. Now normally the ABC Show is held in September and is 10 times as large as their spring show but the spring show is more educational.  Retailers are ... [ Read More ]

Birth of a Cloth Diaper Advocate

Day 5 - Birth of an Advocate.  Making a commitment to cloth diapering doesn't just affect you and your immediate family.  You will soon realize that you will be teaching others about cloth diapers each and every day.  In the early days you will be introducing cloth diapers to your spouse and other family members (grandparents, aunts, uncles) and friends.  They will have similar questions and concerns as you do and it's easy for use to fall back info disposables in an effort to not cause any conflicts amongst our loved ones.  But you have the power as a parent to teach these people instead of giving them a 'get out of fluff free card.' My husband wasn't hard to educate since we were both learning together.  My mom was (and still is) one of my biggest supporters.  Having used cloth diapers on both me and my brother she was extremely excited to use these new modern cloth diapers.  My mom used a diaper service when we were little so she didn't have to wash her diapers but she did have ... [ Read More ]

Green Blogger Soiree

Green Blogger Soiree (3)

BlogHer was over a month ago and I'm still talking about my first day - it really was an overwhelming weekend and I can't even begin to share all of the little details. (But I'm trying!) Thursday night after the Martha Blogger's Night Out (which I left early)it was time too meet my tribe - my community - my fellow greenies! Safe Mama (and the 3 Green Angels) had hosted a small, private function to allow the green bloggers to meet up and mingle - and meet some green companies. With the help of the awesome sponsors the event was hosted at the Remi Restaurants Rialto private dining room. I had already met up with Maggie(@RoyalDixie) and it was time to meet up with my next new friend - Kelly Wels from DiaperShops.com, Kelly's Closet, and the Cloth Diaper Whisperer. We found one another in the lobby of the hotel and the bond was instant! After a few shared hugs and introductions it was time to go meet the others. After a day full of awkward and insecure feelings it was REALLY ... [ Read More ]

Local Recycling Woes

I mentioned a few months ago that I was so excited that our waste services were finally offering curb side recycling in our neighborhood.  In the past we've hauled our recyclables up to the local drop off location about once a week.  While it's not that horrible of a method it's also not encouraging everyone to participate.  The drop off center is free though.  The curb side program costs about $5.50 every 3 months plus a one time fee of $7 for the bin.  That's really not much when you calculate the cost of gas these days.  Most of March I sat patiently as we awaited our bins to be delivered.  I was told it could take a few weeks because of the high demand.  Towards the end of the month I decided to call the company and inquire about our bin and service start date.  They said there was a shortage of bins and that more were on order; however I could go ahead and use the service now by placing my recyclables by the road on the pre-determined day each week and they would be by to pick ... [ Read More ]

Getting Kids to Care?

Wow, I have been thinking about this for the past few months and Nature Mom writes some great ideas on getting your kids to care about the environment and community.  If you have some time definately go read her ideas and thoughts because they are great.  I truely love the idea of the green or community birthday themed parties.  This weekend at our church the theme was 'covenant community' and what those words meant to the church.  It's a very important term even if it's not connected to religion.  Community is really what it's all about.  Teaching the children to care about their community and people in their community.  And...that the community of Earth is much larger than your own backyard or neighborhood...but the entire planet.  I think one way we are going to work on this concept with our little man is through an adoption program that we just signed up for through the church.  We adopted a little boy about our sons age in Ghana who has virtually nothing.  Through the program ... [ Read More ]