Another Cloth Diaper Convert

Baby in Disposable Diaper

Last week I attended a double baby shower for two ladies that I met at church.  They've heard me go on and on about how cute, how easy, and how much better cloth diapers are - but they still haven't made the commitment. I try not to guilt someone into trying cloth diapers but rather debunk the myths that exist about using cloth diapers to help better educate parents.  I have a few friends with babies that still use disposables and I don't make them feel bad about their decision.  I'm always showing off Lil' B's fluffy bum in hopes that they will give up their disposable addiction and join me in my mad addiction passion. Now you'd think that the perfect baby shower gift would be a cute new cloth diaper, right?  Since cloth diapers are not a cheap investment (I try to stay around the $15-20 range) I don't buy cloth diapers for people who haven't made the commitment.  I would be upset to see fluff sitting on a shelf NOT being used because a parent was scared to try them.  Instead ... [ Read More ]