Coffee Cup Desk Organizer #freefromtrash


These coffee cup desk organizers have got to me one of my favorite projects yet.  First let me start by confessing my Starbucks addiction.  I love iced green tea lattes - so much that I finally broke down and ordered the ingredients from so I don't have to keep driving to the store (always forgetting to take my reusable cold cup) every morning.  Not only am I about to save a ton of money but I'm going to keep a lot of plastic cups out of the trash. Supplies: Plastic coffee cups Decorative paper Die cut letters Scissors Mod Podge Directions: Begin with a clean plastic cup and trace the size of the cup onto the back of your decorative paper.  I used scrapbook paper that I have in my art closet but you could also use magazine pages, newspaper, or phone book pages. Cut along the inside of your lines following the curve of the cup.  Apply Mod Podge to the back of the paper (or directly on the cup) to adhere the paper to the cup.  For an extra ... [ Read More ]